leading SaaS Data Platform

  • Eliminate Data Downtime

    Protect your data with automated backups, proactive notifications of loss or corruption and easy-to-use recovery tools.

  • Fortify Data Security

    Understand data exposure risks and proactively strengthen your Salesforce security posture.

  • Gain Control of your Growing Data

    Archive obsolete data from production environments to prevent overage costs, improve performance, and ensure compliance.

  • Innovate Faster, With Less Risk

    Quickly seed quality data into any sandbox or sub-prod environment for development, training, or testing purposes.

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Over 6,000 Customers Across Every Industry & Company Size

״Own gives us assurance that we’re able to meet RTO/RPO requirements, reducing disruption to the business.״

Own prevents the worst thing from happening – losing our data would be a catastrophic event that would destroy the business.

The ability to ‘seed’ a sandbox and anonymize any type of client data, all via the Own tool, is invaluable.

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