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Own partners with the #1 CRM and top public cloud providers globally to help support companies working with and within those ecosystems.

Whether you’re leading a project or serving as the outsourced system admin for your clients, you are the one rolling up your sleeves and working with their data. Integration of 3rd-party applications, migrating orgs, deploying custom applications into an existing environment, and mass uploads have a high potential for data loss and corruption- even if you’re careful. Gain peace of mind by joining our partner program and ensuring that your clients are protected with Own.

Even with the security and reliability of SaaS platforms, your clients are still vulnerable to some of the most common causes of data loss and corruption, including accidental deletions, malicious deletion, and bad code. Recommending Own allows you to rest easy knowing that your client’s data is protected by the best SaaS data protection solution on the market.

As a cloud and/or managed service provider (MSP), you have both a need and an opportunity to provide data protection services to your customers. With Own Secure, Recover, Archive, and Sandbox Seeding, you’ll not only leverage innovative solutions, but gain a true partner dedicated to helping you build reliable, revenue-generating Backup or Disaster Recovery as a Service offerings.

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