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Data Security

Understand data exposure risks and proactively strengthen your Salesforce security posture.

Pinpoint misconfigurations, incorrect permissions, and data exposures wherever they may be in Salesforce.

Proactively automate remediation of data vulnerabilities and encryption blind spots with detailed action plans.

Access progress, compliance, and stack ranking reports across multiple security lenses and orgs.

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Reduce security risk and data breaches
Protect highly sensitive data
Identify new risks as they emerge
Be audit ready, all the time

Backup & Recovery

Protect your data with automated backups, proactive notifications of loss or corruption and easy-to-use recovery tools.

Configure backups for any number of production orgs or sandboxes, regardless of their size or complexity.

Recover the exact data you need from any backup in your history without affecting valid data added since the backup occurred.

Customize backup timing, frequency, and details for all services across your enterprise.

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Accelerate projects with peace of mind
Mitigate impacts to sales and your brand
Save money vs building a homegrown solution
Protect your backups from malicious attacks

Data Archiving

Archive obsolete data from production environments to prevent overage costs, improve performance, and ensure compliance.

Securely store immutable replicas of specified Salesforce records attachments, and safeguard data needed for compliance regulations and audits.

Monitor Salesforce data usage against prescribed limits and archive data to stay within thresholds.

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Avoid fines by staying data compliant
Save on Salesforce storage costs
Improve org speed and performance
Securely archive sensitive legacy data

Data Seeding

Quickly seed quality data into any sandbox or sub-prod environment for development, training, or testing purposes.

Seed perfectly sized, relevant data sets to Developer, Developer Pro, or Partial Copy sandboxes from production orgs or other sandboxes.

Create the ideal development and testing environment with subsets of data from production orgs or other sandboxes.

Apply custom templates to mask sensitive information before it is seeded to its destination.

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Speed up release cycles
Deliver high-quality solutions
Reduce costly rework
Mask sensitive data


Use historical SaaS data to fuel powerful trend analysis
and AI innovation.

Simplify access to backup data for trend and predictive analysis using popular business intelligence and data visualization tools.

Accelerate AI innovation by training machine learning models with comprehensive, high-quality backup data.

Quickly and easily share data with external systems or data warehouses.

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Analyze historical SaaS data to uncover hidden insights
Train machine learning to enable AI-driven decisions
Make data available for operational and analytical needs
Avoid the overhead of data warehouses and ETL processes

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