Why Choose OwN company + Copado for Salesforce DevSecOps?

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Minimize the risk of data loss oR corruption

Copado with Own drives rapid innovation and ultimately faster time-to-value for your organization.

  • Protect data during development by backing up desired objects before and after deploying.
  • Immediately identify data changes by reviewing backup snapshots side-by-side.
  • If an issue is identified after a deployment, recover data in a simple, efficient manner.

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Leading independent SaaS data platform
  • Backups up to every 15 minutes

  • Backup on demand

  • Complete backup coverage, including metadata, files, and attachments

  • Automatic schema detection

  • Independent and centralized access

  • Proactive monitoring and analysis tools

  • Precision repair capabilities

  • Data archiving

  • Data seeding

  • Data classification

  • Access controls and management

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#1 Low-code DevOps & testing platform
  • Native Salesforce platform and UX

  • Integrated end-to-end test automation

  • Full reporting / deep Salesforce integration

  • Deploy app configuration data

  • Pipeline visibility & management

  • User story change tracking

  • Auto conflict resolution

  • Compliance monitoring

  • Custom quality gates

  • Continuous delivery

  • Agile tools

  • Value stream management

Why Choose Copado and Own for Salesforce DevSecOps?

Questions to ask when evaluating DevSecOps vendors

Are the solutions listed in the Salesforce AppExchange?

You want to make sure that the partners you choose are trusted and highly-rated. Copado and Own are both top ranked solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange for DevOps and data protection, respectively. Copado and Own are also in top-tier Salesforce partner programs and have Salesforce Ventures as an investor.

What is the size and scale of both vendors?

You should be confident the solution you invest in has the customer care and development teams needed to support your innovation and data protection requirements. Copado and Own are both international organizations with local support around the world. Both companies have 700+ employees with $725.8M in combined funding.

Is the platform enterprise-grade?

Copado and Own ensure your DevSecOps platform can meet the scale, performance, and compliance requirements needed for enterprises. Copado includes automated testing, ALM, and CI/CD, and both Own and Copado are certified for ISO, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and more.

Can the vendor take a complete backup snapshot each day?

While some data backup vendors only take incremental backups, Own takes a complete backup snapshot of your org every single day to enable comparison between any two points in time, expediting recovery time.

Does the solution offer archiving capabilities?

Being able to free up Salesforce storage helps reduce costs and improves system performance. Own Archive securely stores immutable replicas of specified Salesforce records attachments and safeguards data needed for compliance regulations and audits.

Does the solution offer data and metadata seeding capabilities?

A sandbox seeding solution can help make verifying untested or untrustworthy code safer and simpler. With features like the ability to maintain parent-child relationships, filter and refine test data, seed on demand, and protect confidential data, Own Accelerate enables administrators and developers to effortlessly seed Developer, Developer Pro, or Partial Copy sandboxes.

Over 140+ brands use Own and Copado


Own and Copado

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