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Get outfitted with robust, highly secure tools to protect, back up, and recover all of your data, from loans to deposits.

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Streamline data protection, governance, and compliance

Financial institutions can experience data loss and corruption from human error, data migration oversight, brokencode, and worse. This requires strict regulations to avoid hefty fines and data loss, which could damage theinstitution’s reputation and have significant consequences for customers and stakeholders.

Understand and mitigate your data exposure risks

  • Fix incorrect permissions, misconfigurations, and other vulnerabilities
  • Implement and manage encryption 80% faster
  • Generate compliance reports and track progress over time

Protect data, metadata, and documents with automated backups and rapid, stress-free recovery

  • Configure backups for any number of production orgs or sandboxes
  • Recover the data you need from any backup without affecting valid data added
  • Customize backup timing, frequency, and details for all services across your bank
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Preserve data with customizable retention policies and simplified compliance

  • Securely store immutable replicas of records and attachments, and safeguard data needed for compliance regulations and audits
  • Monitor Salesforce data usage against prescribed limits and archive data

Propagate data to sandboxes for faster innovation and ideal training environments

  • Seed relevant data sets to Developer, Developer Pro, or Partial Copy sandboxes from production orgs
  • Create the ideal development and testing environment with subsets of data from production orgs
  • Apply custom templates to mask sensitive information before it’s seeded to its destination

Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)

  • Get additional security controls by enabling banking customers to provide their own keys to encrypt and decrypt data within Own storage
  • Dedicated BYOK cloud service provider account that is isolated within the production platform systems
  • Authorized users can archive the customer-managed key and rotate it with another master encryption key
  • Master encryption keys can also be revoked, resulting in immediate inaccessibility of underlying data

Regulation-ready data protection

  • From a GLBA-compliant cloud service to advanced GDPR-ready capabilities, maintain compliance support for SEC 17a-4, PII, PCI, GDPR, and other related regulations
  • Meet compliance and regulatory objectives for electronic storage, record keeping, and backup integrity of regulated records
  • Set customizable backup data retention to keep data backups for as long as needed for your business
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nCino customers of all sizes trust Own

OwnBackup has given us the nCino data protection peace of mind that we needed. It is an elegant disaster recovery tool and so much more. OwnBackup will revolutionize how we approach troubleshooting and testing of our nCino instance. Being able to use it as a comparative tool will also help better maintain data operations. Ultimately, it allows us to quickly address problems and continue to focus on our core business of providing excellent service to our members.

Larry Perino
Manager, Program Development Business Solutions
Navy Federal Credit Union
It is recommended that you keep a regular backup of your data...in addition to Salesforce native options, there are several third-party options that can be leveraged when a more comprehensive approach is needed.

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