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Recover quickly from a data loss or corruption

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Eliminate disruptions to the tech your business relies on

Whether it’s caused by human error, integration errors, or bad code, lost or corrupted data means difficult questions for the technical team. Specifically, CTOs, CIOs, and other technology leaders are accountable for major disruptions to their organization’s tech stack.

Avoid an embarrassing situation by asking the right questions now rather than after a data loss. How long can we afford to be without our data? If our SaaS platform were temporarily unavailable, could we access our data? With Own, you can answer these questions confidently and avoid a major disruption to your business.

Accelerate your digital transformation

New functionality, integrations, and org migrations can be highly-transformative projects for your business. However, they also involve risks like accidental data loss and corruption, which, if unnoticed, can grind these projects to a halt while you recover the missing data.

Any successful digital transformation relies on accurate and available data. Implementing Own Recover will allow you to eliminate data downtime while simplifying major projects in your CRM application.

Maintain business continuity if the unexpected happens

To provide connected experiences across channels and departments, companies store extensive data within their CRM platforms. If this data is lost, it can impact the entire company with increased labor costs, data recovery fees, lost reputation, revenue impact, compliance fines, and loss in productivity.

It’s never been clearer that data resilience is a critical component of overall business resilience. That’s why you must be able to back up, archive, and recover your valuable information with an independent SaaS data platform like Own.

Run in the cloud without falling down

The cloud is a big reason companies can release new features at such an incredible pace without having their site go down. CRMs like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and ServiceNow have incredible uptime and availability.

Keep in mind though, that just because your data is in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s protected. Having rapid backup and recovery processes in place should anything go wrong can not only help you move faster, it will also help you avoid a messy data disruption that jams up business.

One of the things I like most is being able to replicate our org or another sandbox using data from a backup. Essentially I can turn Dev or DevPro sandboxes into Partials! This is extremely helpful and cost-efficient. I'm glad I pushed for this solution! It's returning dividends every day.

Salesforce CRM Director at
a Healthcare Company

Own proved to be much more than just an insurance policy. It provides visibility and reporting into every record change and it makes it really easy to rollback to any version. The reporting is really well done-- everything is linked, you can set alerts if more than x% of records change, it's non-intrusive.

Vice President, Commercial Technology at an Energy Company

Own really helps you to recover from anything that maybe was deleted accidentally... A lot of the work you can do within it, it is just really amazing, don't need to worry about your data at all. I would say if you really care about your Organization you should be using Own.

Senior Release Engineer at a global Pharmaceutical Company
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