Archive Salesforce Data

Securely store immutable replicas of specified Salesforce records and attachments, and safeguard data needed for compliance regulations and audits.

Configure, test and manage custom archiving policies that define what data to store, how often, retention timeframe, who can restore, and more.

Reduce data volume to speed backups and overcome Salesforce performance issues for search, reporting, calculations and more.

Minimize Compliance Concerns

Meet industry and government regulations and internal policies that require secure, immutable archives and/or retention limits.

Schedule automatic removal of obsolete data and data that must be purged from archives per industry/government regulations and internal policies.

archive activity dashboard

Manage Archiving Activities

Dashboards provide a single source of truth to review, edit and manage all archiving activities and permissions used to govern data.

Monitor Storage Limits

Monitor Salesforce data usage against prescribed limits and archive data to stay within thresholds.

Restore With Ease

Restore records one-at-time or in bulk, designate users to view archived data and files directly within Salesforce, and set privileges to allow specific users to recover records for archives.

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