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The Own Data Platform makes owning your SaaS data simple. It empowers you to ensure the availability, compliance, and security of mission-critical data, and unlocks new ways to use that data to transform your business.

Managing Your Data is More Complicated Than Ever

SaaS applications make data safer, more secure, and more accessible. However, they have not made it more valuable for you. Your business is more complicated than ever and it turns out managing and getting insights from your data is anything but simple. You are beholden to what your SaaS provider allows you to do with your own data.

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The own data


Understand data exposure risks and proactively strengthen your Salesforce security posture.

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Protect your data with automated backups, proactive notifications of loss or corruption and easy-to-use recovery tools.

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sandbox seeding

Quickly seed quality data into any sandbox or sub-prod environment for development, training, or testing purposes.

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Archive obsolete data from production environments to prevent overage costs, improve performance, and ensure compliance.

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data ownership platform

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Protect your business

Ensure the availability, security, and compliance of mission-critical SaaS data.

Improve agility

Understand the future with insights that take into account all of your data from the very first day of its creation.

Scale across the enterprise

Now that you're not locked into one vendor - easily adopt the apps that work for your company.

By enabling organizations to automate the backup process and restore the precise data they need in minutes, Own’s solutions will help Dynamics 365 customers run more business-critical workloads while eliminating the risk of data loss.
It is recommended that you keep a regular backup of your data...in addition to Salesforce native options, there are several third-party options that can be leveraged when a more comprehensive approach is needed.

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