Identify RISKS

Quickly assess your current Salesforce implementation and how it aligns to your security policies around data classification, user access controls, Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption (encryption at rest), data retention, and compliance audits. Pinpoint misconfigurations, incorrect permissions, and data exposures wherever they may be in Salesforce.

Analyze overall Salesforce security posture in a single screen. Security Insights delivers key SaaS security posture management (SSPM) metrics broken down into six distinct data security lenses for additional drill-downs: Data Protection, Integration, Data Loss Prevention, Access Control, Security Model Authorization, and Monitoring.

Keep the data analysis going. Drill down further in each Security Insights lens to uncover more granular data like users, permissions, high-risk fields, and encryption settings.

Easily search your Salesforce data across object, records, and users lenses to understand precisely why particular Salesforce users have read, edit, delete, or export permissions. Granular drill-downs help ensure the Principle of Least Privilege – eliminating over-privileged users who can weaken your org’s Salesforce security posture.

Classify DATA

Isolate exactly where sensitive information exists in Salesforce and apply classification categories without leaving the Salesforce platform.

Not all customer data is equal. Assign compliance and sensitivity categories down to the field level to inform profiles and permission settings for users. Popular sensitivity levels include Confidential, Private, Public and our favorite: create your own. Sample compliance categories can include: PII, HIPAA, PHI, GDPR, PCI, COPPA, and CCPA.

Knowing how fields are being used is critical when prioritizing which Salesforce data to classify and protect. The Fill Rates Calculator provides a percentage of records that have entries in each field.

Receive proactive notifications when potential high-risk fields have been identified as unclassified. With one click, InfoSec and admins can immediately view the precise fields likely to contain sensitive data requiring classification.

Protect your org

Stop Salesforce configuration creep with granular “Who Sees What” lenses, and trace individual, group, or user access rights down to the record level.

With Who Sees What Explorer, quickly search your Salesforce data across object, records, and users lenses to understand precisely why Salesforce users have read, edit, delete, or export permissions.

Create customized alerts and notifications when thresholds are met. Sample alerts include:

- Data Vulnerability Score
- Data Export System Permission assigned
- Data Egress Score
- Data Classification Score

Proactively automate remediation of data vulnerabilities and encryption blind spots with detailed action plans.

Simplify the implementation and maintenance process of Salesforce Shield to save time and money, and ensure it is implemented correctly.

Prove compliance

Deliver real-time, evidence-based reports in Salesforce to satisfy internal policies and external regulations in highly regulated industries.

With one click, view results from previous data security analyses to understand how data vulnerabilities are evolving. Use the scheduling functionality to automatically set up data snapshots around encryption, data classification, security insights, retention policies, and user authorizations.

Connect multiple Salesforce orgs for visibility into security insights across the six data security lenses: Data Protection, Integration, Data Loss Prevention, Access Control, Security Model, Authorization, and Monitoring. Use the progress, compliance, and stack ranking reports to understand your Salesforce security posture across your entire data surface area.

Access progress, compliance, and stack ranking reports across multiple security lenses and orgs. Export the raw Secure data for use in other BI apps or use the PDF reports to drop charts into presentations. Build native Salesforce dashboards and reports using the Own Secure objects that are contained in the AppExchange managed package.

Secure delivers detailed action plans and prescriptive next steps to strengthen your security posture. By analyzing more than 30 unique dimensions, Secure delivers contextual insights—removing the guesswork.

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