Data Centers

Own’s services rely heavily on cloud data centers. The environmental benefits of using these, versus their on-premise alternatives, are clear and well documented.

In choosing data center providers, we only work with those that take sustainability seriously. To earn Own’s business, cloud data center providers must:

  • Clearly state net zero carbon goals
  • Have aggressive ambitions to reach 100% renewable energy usage
  • Already use a high percentage of renewable energy
  • Use the latest cooling methods and technologies
  • Implement operational efficiencies to further reduce their carbon footprint

Premises and Equipment

Own has offices throughout the world. Some of these are larger permanent offices, while others are serviced offices. When selecting our larger offices, we seek to implement the following measures:

  • Install motion sensors/auto power-off lights
  • Use energy efficient lights (LED)
  • Appoint providers that separate waste from recycling
  • Run HVAC/heat only during working office hours
  • Provide onsite laundry facilities


We engage with numerous third-party suppliers across a range of industries and we recognize that their respective carbon footprints will vary, depending on the nature of their offering. Taking this reality into consideration, we seek out suppliers that adopt clear and committed environmental policies.

Looking at the future

We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance and reducing our environmental impact. Over the longer term, we aim to:

  • Work with industry groups, our investment partners, and their portfolio companies to compare and deploy sustainability best practices
  • Leverage the ongoing tracking of data center carbon emissions to offset those emissions through investments in new carbon offset solutions
  • Encourage sustainable practices among our broader supplier base, including through our Vendor Risk Assessment program
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