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Have Shield? See the encryption status of all your fields in real time.

Most companies lack the visibility of easily seeing the encryption status of their Salesforce fields. It's even harder as orgs evolve, Salesforce adds new functionality, and new fields are added.

With the free analyzer, you'll be able to:

  • Identify new fields that need to be encrypted in real time.

  • Share compliance and status reports to InfoSec with confidence.

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Thinking about buying Shield?

  • See what fields can and cannot be encrypted.

  • Gauge the effort needed to deploy Salesforce Shield.

  • Identify the downstream business impacts of encrypting fields, before you actually encrypt.

  • Know what mitigation steps are required to encrypt certain fields.

Instantly see which fields are...

Encrypted by Shield: These fields are already encrypted by Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption.

All clear: These fields can be encrypted right away if desired.

Blocked By Configuration: These fields do not comply with the rules. However, there are possible mitigation steps that can be taken to allow encryption.

Blocked By Platform: These fields do not comply with the rules. It is not possible to encrypt at this time.

Generate compliance reports

Easily export and share encryption status reports to InfoSec and auditors.

Intuitive, Simple to use, Powerful.I think the title says it all. Never had to look at the documentation as it is that easy to use. However, don't let the simplicity fool you. It is a very powerful tool.

Joey Rubino | 5-Star AppExchange Review


The team has been very open to feedback, feature requests, and support whenever we want to engage.

Roopesh Sheth | 5-Star AppExchange Review

Simplifying a complicated task - Great Work!

Not only did they deliver an application that simplifies a really complicated process, they provide a consultative approach with a wealth of experience. Very approachable with a great sense of humor!

Donna Heyvaert | 5-Star AppExchange Review

Identify & Manage Risk.

Own Secure provides excellent visibility and helps with identifying and managing risk! The team has been very helpful and has been great to work with!

Adam Safie | 5-Star AppExchange Review

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