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Your blueprint for SaaS data security - key issues facing IT and security professionals in Germany.

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Protect your Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Dynamics 365 data with Own COMPANY

The reality of data security in Germany is that data loss and data corruption are almost certain. Whether it’s by accident, malicious intent, or forces beyond your control, the disaster recovery clock starts ticking the moment it occurs. Business continuity plans are put to the test, and the viability of your business may well be measured by its resilience.

According to our findings, almost half of German organisations stated that protecting data and systems from cyberattacks is a big concern and their main priority.

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Our solutions can help you to:

Stay Compliant

Encrypted backup of data, metadata, attachments, chatter, and standard and custom objects are more secure.

Recover Faster

Rapid recovery of data and metadata, no matter the scale  or how granular.

Manage Proactively

Receive real-time alerts when data is changed, deleted, or corrupted.

Command your Search

Explore your entire backup archive to easily find specific records.

Protect Development

Replicate/seed sandboxes and speed development and QA cycles.

Control Enterprise

Manage all your Salesforce organizations from a single dashboard.

Over 6,000+ Customers Across Every Industry & Company Size

Own is the most critical component in our system - I don’t know how people operate without it!

Lauri Hakanpää
Development Manager at Pihlajalinna

Own lets us focus on what's important and eliminates the worry about data loss. It's just there, doing the job it needs to do

Manisha Palsana
CRM Manager

When we think of data backup and recovery, we tend to focus on backup and not on recovery. But the fact is that when data is lost or corrupted, data recovery and your RTO are just as important as the backup. So I would highly recommend you to study the backup solutions and evaluate your RPO and RTO requirements. The fact that Own has those cycles running really fast because of the incremental and synthetic backups, allows us to reduce our RPO and it meets our business needs quite significantly.

Shashwat Narainn
Application Architect at Metso

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