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Own gives Barclays the tools to simplify your organisation, reduce costs, and deliver
better returns on capital.

“The ROI of Own goes beyond just money and time saved. It’s made our employees happier by taking the pressure off of them and letting them know ‘we’ve got your back’, which is what we value most.”

Johnny Lambert | Director of Information and Technology at Trilogy Financial

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The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) aims to reduce the vulnerability of financial systems to cyberthreats and information communication technology (ICT) disruptions. As a bank based operating within the EU, you'd better look into whether you are subject to DORA. And if you are, Own can help streamline DORA compliance for your SaaS systems.


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Activate your data. Amplify your business. Maximize the business value of your historical SaaS data with Own Discover.

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Understand Salesforce data exposure risks and proactively strengthen your Salesforce security posture with Own Secure.

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Protect your Salesforce data with automated backups, proactive notifications of loss or corruption, and easy-to-use recovery tools.

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