Sutton Tools protects reputation built up over 100 years, relying on Own to protect their data

Powering specifications and pricing for 25,000+ products across ecommerce and direct orders, Salesforce data is essential for driving revenue and productivity for Sutton Tools.

To help protect a reputation built over 100 years, they rely on Own to protect that data.

Victoria, Australia
Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery


Previous manual backups, downloaded as flat files without metadata, would have taken weeks to restore to full working order, if at all. This is now a small job that can be done in a few minutes.

Salesforce data feeds mySutton customer portals and several eCommerce stores, so lost or corrupted product information for 25,000+ SKUs and pricing would prevent orders, frustrate customers and impact the business in lost sales and time to restore.

With no way of tracking a large influx or deletion of data, they could not identify and solve potential problems before they impacted customers. The first sign of an issue would likely be a complaint.


When thousands of pricebook entries went missing from their live system, with no data in the recycle bin and no record as to how or why they were removed, they were able to restore the data immediately with Own — a process that would have taken several days to do manually.

Smart Alerts have proven invaluable as they notify the admins of any large data deletions, uploads or corruptions, so they can resolve issues before they impact customers.

A detailed internal audit trail helps ensure compliance, resolve queries with the sales team and confirm historical quotes — and it’s simple to restore accidental data deletions such as contacts or opportunities.

Own was straightforward to set up and offers responsive support. Plus, a local Australian presence is very reassuring for the team.

About Sutton Tools

A family-run manufacturer since 1917, Sutton Tools is an inspiring Australian success story. The company produces a range of high-performance cutting tools used by trade professionals, DIY enthusiasts and specialists in sectors such as aerospace, defense and electronic manufacturing globally.

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Before Own, we were very nervous! The biggest benefit is peace of mind. We sleep well knowing that we can precisely restore lost or corrupted data in minutes, without impacting new data added since the last backup.
Geoff Frost
Salesforce Administrator
People wrongly assume that if it’s in the cloud it’s safe, backed up and easily restored. But that’s not the case. Own puts us back in control of our data.
Kunal Malhotra
Salesforce Administrator
We love Own and would absolutely recommend it to any company using the Salesforce platform.
Pamela Baxter-Smith
Salesforce CRM Manager
Backup and Recovery