HappyOrNot Selects “Very Happy” with Own’s Data Protection and GDPR Compliance Support

HappyOrNot is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting with their innovative feedback smileys. The HappyOrNot Smiley Terminals are powerful customer satisfaction measurement tools that allow customers to uncover pain points, improve experiences, increase loyalty and referrals, enhance brand reputation, and grow revenues. The terminals consist of four smiley-faced buttons that customers are invited to press to indicate whether they are very happy, happy, unhappy, or very unhappy with the service they were provided. This information is then used by companies to find areas in the business they can improve on.

HappyOrNot’s broad experience in both European and US markets have enabled them to gather an extensive worldwide market intelligence database. They have developed a vast amount of insights from various industries to help users increase their customer and employee happiness. With offices in Finland, Amsterdam, and West Palm Beach, Florida, and over 200 employees to date, HappyOrNot strives to improve customer experience, workplace happiness, and the bottom line.

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Backup and Recovery

HappyOrNot Runs Its Business on Salesforce

Since 2014, HappyOrNot has been an avid Salesforce customer. HappyOrNot’s entire business process from Lead to Cash is stored within Salesforce. Therefore, it is an extremely crucial system for the whole company’s daily operations. In addition to sales data, HappyOrNot also stores quotes, contracts, orders, deliveries, and invoices on Salesforce.

Most of HappyOrNot’s internal teams use Salesforce daily, including their sales, marketing, support, and finance teams. Aside from just the internal users, the company’s 100+ global partners are also using Salesforce and ordering functionality through the Salesforce Partner Community. HappyOrNot’s customers can also submit support cases and view knowledge articles through the Salesforce Community Cloud.

HappyOrNot’s Salesforce instance is connected to various other systems, including:

  1. NetSuite ERP - to carry out the cash matching and bookkeeping based on the invoices created within Salesforce.

  2. Pardot - to automate marketing and sales engagement to generate more leads, close more deals, and accurately measure marketing success.

  3. HappyOrNot Reporting Service - to sync survey configuration data gathered in Salesforce to provide customers with a seamless experience when using HappyOrNot’s services.

  4. Gainsight - to provide better visibility and tools for the customer success team to track and improve the customer experience.

HappyOrNot Required a More Comprehensive Salesforce Data Protection and GDPR Compliance Solution

HappyOrNot was backing up their Salesforce data with the Weekly Export. To back up metadata, they were extracting and storing code and configurations manually. Upon further examination, HappyOrNot realized it would be challenging to recover lost or corrupted data and relational data with the Weekly Export .CSV files. HappyOrNot needed to be able to recover lost or corrupted data as quickly as possible and continue providing services to its users. The need for a more scalable and comprehensive data backup and recovery strategy became clear.

With the GDPR enforcement date approaching, HappyOrNot needed a Salesforce data protection partner that could provide them with immutable backups for disaster recovery, data transparency, customizable data retention, and the ability to respond to Subject Access Requests. With a prominent EU customer base, HappyOrNot would have to be able to process Subject Access Requests within the 30-day window allowed under GDPR. It was very important for HappyOrNot to secure a data protection partner capable of helping them protect data and comply with GDPR across their Salesforce backups.

HappyOrNot Protects Their Business and Remains GDPR Compliant with Own

Early in their research process, HappyOrNot was referred to Own by a Salesforce expert. After thoroughly evaluating other data protection options and conducting a Proof of Concept with Own, HappyOrNot was confident that choosing Own was the best decision for their business.

"Own for GDPR supports HappyOrNot by enabling them to automatically generate daily backups for disaster recovery."

With almost all of their business-critical data stored within Salesforce, a data loss or corruption would have been devastating to HappyOrNot’s business operations and growth. Choosing Own has helped HappyOrNot gain peace of mind knowing they can seamlessly and efficiently restore both data and metadata if a data loss or corruption were to occur. Own helped HappyOrNot simplify and speed up the process of backing up data, metadata, attachments, and all relational data. In addition, Own Smart Alerts helped HappyorNot proactively identify any data or metadata modifications made within Salesforce.

Own supports HappyOrNot by enabling them to automatically generate daily backups for disaster recovery. Own Find provides data transparency by helping HappyOrNot quickly search backed-up data, including attachments, to locate the specific data they need. Custom backup retention controls support HappyOrNot in meeting their corporate risk tolerance for retention of EU Data Subjects in their backups. Furthermore, Own enables a rapid response to EU Subject Access Requests, including Right to Erasure, Right to Rectification, and Right to Data Portability. HappyOrNot has not yet received a Subject Access Request, but is relieved to have Own in place as a GDPR safety net should any requests come up in the future.

Secure data protection and comprehensive GDPR compliance support from Own helps HappyOrNot accelerate their global business and continue to develop ultimate feedback solutions that enable clients to improve their customer service, performance, and employee satisfaction across the globe.

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Own has proven to be really valuable for us, specifically, Own Smart Alerts, which have helped us proactively monitor suspicious activities in our Salesforce Org. They can be set up to alert, for example, if any invoices have been deleted, or if more than20 percent of Accounts have been modified. Our Salesforce admins can then easily validate those alerts by reviewing them in the Backup History and quickly restore any lost data if needed.
Miikka Raivio
Salesforce Developer at HappyOrNot
Backup and Recovery