Multnomah County, Oregon Saves the Day with the Help of Own

The government of Multnomah County provides health and human services, including physical and mental health for seniors and people with disabilities, animal services, assessment and taxation, bridge maintenance, community justice, courts, elections and a network of 19 libraries, to more than 766,000 residents across the Portland Metro area.

Multnomah County, Oregon moved over to Salesforce as part of its digital transformation strategy, specifically to be able to develop applications much more rapidly. In the last year, they have already built three applications on Salesforce, with the fourth underway. Multnomah County’s Salesforce platform is used by the Health and Human Services and Land Survey departments. The county’s public health team collects information from county partners on the types of services they provide to county residents. For environmental health, the team tracks requests from county residents who want to test for lead in their water. The Land Survey department creates work orders directly through Salesforce.

Multnomah County, OR
Backup and Recovery
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Salesforce supports Multnomah County’s developing “digital transformation strategy”


  1. Removing data caused Multnomah County to experience an unexpected cascade of deletions.

  2. Multnomah County discovered that recovering lost data with Salesforce Weekly Export can take weeks.

  3. See how OwnBackup helps Multnomah County speeds up their data recovery.

It took Multnomah County 80 hours over 5 weeks to restore using Weekly Export

As part of a data clean up, the IT team removed historic data. Several days later, they were asked to restore some of the records. By then it was too late to simply restore the data from the Recycle Bin. The cascading deletion had permanently removed thousands of historic records from Salesforce servers. They had no choice but to figure out how to manually restore the lost data using their Salesforce Weekly Export backup files.

The IT team quickly found out that restoring lost data with the Weekly Export would be a time-consuming challenge. Like many teams facing this situation, Multnomah County searched for instructions online. They used OwnBackup’s “7 Steps to Restoring Lost Data Using Salesforce Weekly Export” eBook, which guided them through the process of first understanding their Salesforce data schema, understanding the database dependencies of the data within the schema, and documenting the order of operations for data recovery. After almost 80 hours over the course of five weeks, the IT team successfully restored the deleted data and all related records.

Proactive data protection management and monitoring with OwnBackup

Multnomah County’s IT team started searching for a more efficient data protection solution so that they would never have to go through a tedious recovery scenario again. After evaluating multiple companies, Multnomah County chose OwnBackup as its backup and recovery vendor because of its fast, easy-to-use, data loss and corruption Find, Compare, and Recovery capabilities.

Another useful capability for Multnomah County is OwnBackup Sandbox Seeding. The county’s development team frequently creates and deprecates multiple sandbox environments, often with varying object dependencies. The Sandbox Seeding capability allows county developers to rapidly evaluate objects and their dependencies and to filter, preview, and replicate the perfect test set data into a target sandbox.

OwnBackup is not just a backup solution

With OwnBackup, Multnomah County’s IT team has sped up their admin and development operations significantly. The following OwnBackup capabilities have been particularly important to Multnomah’s digital transformation success:

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Own has solved several business challenges for us. We purchased Own to assist us with dependency analysis for restoring data. However, we are also utilizing the application for restoring metadata in a sandbox in order to roll back to a specific point in time. Own has increased our peace of mind with respect to our Salesforce data and metadata. We know we are getting the most value for our money.
Susie Turpin
Salesforce Admin & App Builder at Multnomah County, OR
Backup and Recovery
Data Seeding
Salesforce Weekly Export