Trilogy empowers internal teams with Own and reduces risk, project hours, and development hours

Trilogy’s mission is to provide comprehensive financial planning services to people across America.

Johnny Lambert, the IT Director understood, it’s when, not if you lose data and set about to control the #1 risk factor, human error with a data backup and recover solution.

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  • Prior data loss events resulting in hours to restore, and more importantly, the idea that data could be lost forever, moved the need for a backup solution to the top of Trilogy’s priority list.

  • Exporting fields during org migrations did not maintain contact to account relationships, forcing the team to manually recreate 2,000 lines of code over hundreds of hours.  
  • Without a backup solution in place, system admins worried they might make an error or delete records by mistake. Too much pressure on the team could lead to high turnover.


  • With OwnBackup, Trilogy can find the data and restore lost records in less than one hour avoiding costs up to thousands of dollars per event.
  • OwnBackup helps Trilogy export complex records and see all object changes in minutes –saving a ton of time vs digging through csv files.  
  • Trilogy IT has a safety net and assurance that ‘we’ve got your back’, a happiness factor that can’t be measured in dollars.  
  • Saved 50-60 hours of outsourced project time in the first year – $6500 alone just for one project.
  • Significantly reduced risk to Business Continuity Plan along with cyber and liability insurance costs, paying dividends all year long.
  • Lowered the #1 risk factor–Human Error.

$1,000’s saved per data loss event
< 1 Hour to restore lost records
100% increase in Employee Happiness

About Trilogy Financial

Today, one client at a time, Trilogy has become a nationwide firm with clients from coast to coast. Our clients have over $2 billion dollars in brokerage and advisory assets served through Trilogy and our staff has grown to over 150 comprehensive advisors. Trilogy continues to recruit and mentor new talent to the industry, a commitment abandoned by many of its competitors. Because of this, our multi-generational staff understands the needs and perspectives of a wide variety of client needs. We utilize progressive ideas and opportunities to help our clients now and into the future.

Today, as always, Trilogy lives by its development motto: never stop growing. Where will Trilogy’s story lead? We believe the sky’s the limit.

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The ROI of Own goes beyond just dollars and time saved. It’s made our employees happier by taking the pressure off of them and letting them know ‘we’ve got your back’, which is what we value most.
Johnny Lambert
Director of Information and Technology at Trilogy Financial
Financial Services
Backup and Recovery