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Salesforce Admin Tips That Will Make Your Users Love You

Join this insightful discussion with four Salesforce professionals who between them have a combined 25 Salesforce certifications.

It’s easy to become so focused on big projects and initiatives that you forget about the little things. But for your users, those little things can make a big difference in their day-to-day Salesforce interactions.

To help admins uncover these pain points and how to solve them, Salesforce Architects Sandi Zellner (MVP) and Andrew Montemayor will join our very own CRM team here at OwnBackup, Steven Pereira and Gina Marques (MVP).


Andrew J. Montemayor

Salesforce System Architect

Axalta Coating Systems

Sandi Zellner

Solution Architect

Cloud Theory

Steven Pereira

Director, Salesforce Devlivery


Gina Marques

Director of CRM & Business Systems


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