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Connecting Customers to Data: How Manufacturers are Innovating on Salesforce

Join industry experts to discuss how manufacturers can accelerate the deployment of new applications whilst at the same time protecting their most valuable asset - data.

Manufacturers are hungry for innovation to compete in a new global economic landscape. As they invest in cloud based infrastructures and seek to create frictionless customer journeys, data is rapidly becoming their most prolific and valuable asset. Manufacturers must find ways to safeguard their intellectual property and ensure they have the right processes in place to manage the customer data they collect and innovate quickly without risk.

The key systems to support this engagement are built on platforms such as Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. With many moving parts, changing regulations and pressure to meet demanding customer expectations, organisations are looking for tools to speed up and secure the deployment of new systems. At every point of change, there comes a huge risk and responsibility to protect customer data.

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Andy Bellamy

CIO Advisor


Tobias Thiel

Lead Salesforce Architect


Timo Schmitt

Head of Business Applications


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