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7 Steps to Recovering Lost Data Using the Salesforce Data Export Service

Learn about the process of recovering lost data using the Salesforce Data Export Service (aka the Weekly Export) and the advantages of using a Salesforce AppExchange solution like Own Recover.

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In addition to the complexity involved in recovering from these files, it is critical to be aware of the following additional limitations in the Data Export Service process before making the decision to rely on it as a backup and disaster recovery strategy.

· The Data Export Service can only run once a week, not daily or hourly. This means that if you’re using the Data Export Service as a backup and recovery solution then your Recovery Point Objective is 1 week.
· Metadata is not included in the backup files
· You only have a 48 hours window to download the data export files
· Downloading the files is a time-consuming and manual process
· Backup files are often stored on laptops or other non-approved media and can create a potential IT security risk


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