OwnBackup Offers Complimentary Backup and Recovery for Salesforce Health Cloud Users

April 16, 2020

The global health crisis has placed a significant strain not just on hospitals, but on nearly all healthcare-related services. Many of these frontline organizations increasingly rely on digital communications to conduct care via telehealth and coordinate with fellow healthcare providers, outpatient facilities, and family caretakers. This dynamic has intensified a host of vulnerabilities to a healthcare system’s data, including human error, bad code, hacking, and much more.

As a way to support the healthcare organizations on the front lines of this battle, we’ve launched OwnBackup Gratitude. This program provides comprehensive data backup and recovery services to healthcare organizations during the global health crisis free of charge.

“In this period of unprecedented crisis, we believe that the business community has a responsibility to support those on the front lines,” said OwnBackup CEO Sam Gutmann. “This initiative is our show of gratitude to healthcare providers, many of which are faced with a massive influx of new patient information and communications. The last thing that these organizations should be burdened with is the loss or corruption of this highly sensitive, critical patient health information.”

Launched on April 16, 2020,  OwnBackup Gratitude enables new and existing Salesforce Health Cloud users to quickly safeguard and restore any patient health information that may have been deleted or compromised. We were inspired to make this commitment to healthcare organizations back in March when Salesforce announced its COVID-19 Care Response Solution, which provides free access to Health Cloud for emergency response teams, care management teams, and health systems responding to the crisis.

Having no Salesforce data protection process is especially risky for healthcare organizations that must comply with HIPAA and other regulations. These regulations require exact copies of Patient Health Information to be securely backed up and fully restorable in the event of a data loss.

To help safeguard this highly sensitive information, OwnBackup is proud to offer eligible new and existing users of Salesforce Health Cloud the Unlimited edition of our top-rated backup and recovery solution free of charge.

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