Twist Bioscience Accelerates Development Cycles and Safeguards Critical Business Data with Own

About Twist Bioscience

Twist Bioscience manufactures synthetic DNA using a proprietary silicon-based platform. Coming from diverse fields of medicine, agriculture, industrial chemicals, and data storage, scientists use Twist Bioscience’s synthetic genes, oligo pools, and next-generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment to better lives and improve the sustainability of the planet. Their revolutionary silicon- based DNA synthesis platform was created to:

  1. Address limitations of throughput, scalability, & cost inherent in legacy DNA synthesis.
  2. Enable production of high-quality synthetic DNA faster and more affordable than ever before.
  3. Overcome inefficiencies and power cost-effective, rapid high-throughput synthesis.

Applying rigorous engineering principles to harness the highly-scalable production and processing infrastructure of the semiconductor industry allows Twist Bioscience to achieve precision in manufacturing DNA at scale. Twist Bioscience has industrialized the production of cost-effective, high-fidelity, high- throughput DNA, which is delivered to customers via seamless online ordering.

San Francisco, CA
Backup and Recovery
Data Seeding

Twist Bioscience Sought Out a Release Management Tool to Speed Up Development Cycles

Twist Bioscience stores a large amount of business- critical data within Salesforce, including accounts, contacts, opportunities, quotes, as well as all parts of the sales and marketing cycles from Lead to Cash. Following the standard MVC model in Salesforce, Twist Bioscience is constantly working on their development of custom Apex classes, controllers, and triggers, as well as their front-end development with Visualforce and Lightning components.

Twist Bioscience discovered the need for a release management tool that could function seamlessly with Salesforce and help speed up their development and deployment processes. The tool needed to help create clean data sets in their testing environments in order to prevent bugs from being deployed into production.

Twist Bioscience required a tool that could replicate their sandboxes and quickly move datasets between production and their sandboxes for testing. Twist Biosience needed to ensure that their sandbox environments matched up with their production environments in order for deployments to run smoothly.

While searching for a Release Management tool, Twist Bioscience stumbled upon Own. To their pleasant surprise, Own ended up being a very useful tool for Twist Bioscience beyond its sandbox seeding capabilities.

Twist Bioscience Shortens Development Cycles with Own Accelerate

Twist Bioscience not only discovered an innovative way to use Own in place of a release management tool, but after implementing Own’s full-service backup and recovery platform, they can now backup and restore data more efficiently.

Twist Bioscience now leverages Own Accelerate to populate sandboxes of any size with perfect, anonymized test datasets in minutes. Before deployment to production or a sandbox, Twist Bioscience uses Own's Compare feature to identify if any new validation rules exist to avoid deployment failures. They also use Accelerate to reproduce bugs in their sandboxes to ensure there would not be any developmental issues upon deployment.

When replications for their sandboxes were not running as expected, Twist Bioscience contacted Own with their concerns. In less than a week, Own had quickly reconfigured the replication process to meet their specific requests. Own Accelerate has also helped reduce Twist Bioscience’s replication times significantly.

"Twist Bioscience can now focus their time and energy on increasing productivity."

Twist Bioscience Elevates Production and Strengthens Development with Own for Salesforce

During day-to-day operations and development projects, Twist Bioscience leverages Smart Alerts to ensure no unexpected data changes go unnoticed. Smart Alerts notify Twist Bioscience’s CRM team to data and metadata changes, often before their end users notice. Twist Bioscience can now focus their time and energy on increasing productivity.

Twist Bioscience got more than they expected with Own’s automatic backup and quick recovery of lost or corrupted data, metadata, and attachments. Own enables Twist Bioscience to continue manufacturing DNA at scale, while serving life science researchers who are changing the world for the better.

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Own helped us resolve issues faster in an environment with many administrators performing changes every day. With Own’s Sandbox Seeding, we were able to reproduce bugs in our sandboxes and solve them in the most efficient way possible.
Backup and Recovery
Data Seeding