Adecco USA Hires Own for Salesforce Data Protection

Adecco USA is the second largest provider of recruitment and staffing services in the United States, offering human resource services such as temporary staffing, permanent placement, outsourcing, career transition or outplacement. Based in Jacksonville, FL, it serves small- and mid-sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

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Adecco USA Balances Business Priorities with Salesforce

From strategic enterprise and regional branch sales orgs, to orgs that support about 400 local branches, Adecco USA balances multiple business user priorities on Salesforce. Furthermore, Adecco USA leverages numerous integrations, including but not limited to Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Einstein, Pardot, and Salesforce Engage. On top of that, Adecco USA utilizes custom-coded applications for sales support teams, collections activities, and complex lead routing rules.

Adecco USA Needed to Minimize Data Loss and Corruption Risk

When the IT department took ownership of Salesforce from the Sales department, they were tasked with implementing data management best practices that were not previously being implemented. To move quickly, their small team often made minor changes directly in their Salesforce production environment, rather than in sandbox environments. The IT team realized that if a mistake was made in production, having no way to recover the data could put their business at risk. The business risk of having no comprehensive backup and recovery solution was quickly escalated to Adecco USA’s executive team and was actioned immediately. Until the IT team could get a permanent data protection solution in place, they temporarily exported .CSV files weekly and saved them on a local machine.

Business risk is high during the Lightning Transition, which means it’s critical to have a comprehensive data, metadata, and attachment backup and recovery strategy in place beforehand.

Adecco USA Was Planning Their Transition to Salesforce Lightning

As they began to plan their transition to Salesforce Lightning, Adecco USA knew they would need to further secure their orgs with a solid data protection foundation. Business risk is high during the Lightning Transition, which means it’s critical to have a comprehensive data, metadata, and attachment backup and recovery strategy in place beforehand. The Lightning Transition process would also require a significant amount of sandbox testing and training, which uncovered the need for a faster sandbox replication solution.

Adecco USA Maintains Business Continuity with Own

From purchase to set up, Own made the process easy for Adecco USA. During purchasing, Adecco USA discovered their HQ already had an install and agreement in place. This significantly sped up purchasing since Own was already an approved vendor for Adecco subsidiaries. After a 30-minute setup call, Own began running daily backups on their production data and metadata, as well as sandbox data and metadata.

The Adecco USA IT team has now tripled in size and are taking on larger Salesforce administration and development projects. With Own, Adecco USA has peace of mind that they will be able to maintain business continuity as their team and transformative initiatives grow.

Adecco USA Accelerates Their Lightning Transition with Own

Own gave Adecco USA peace of mind throughout their Lightning Transition. From the beginning of the transition, Adecco USA regularly compared recent data and metadata snapshots against previous snapshots to ensure no unexpected changes occurred during any rollout stage. As a persistent safety net during this major Salesforce transformation, Own backed up Adecco USA’s production and sandbox data as well as their metadata daily and on-demand.

From a development perspective, regular metadata backups enabled Adecco USA to compare production and sandbox backups before deployment in order to avoid failures.

Due to their large number of attachments, Adecco USA experienced challenges when converting attachments to Lightning files. The process took their team several weeks to complete. After their attachments were converted to files, they were permanently deleted to save storage space. Own not only secured this process through regular backups of Adecco USA’s attachments and files, but the solution’s unlimited file retention also enabled Adecco USA to go back and restore any lost attachments or Lightning files if needed.

With Own, Adecco USA has transitioned to Lightning with confidence, knowing their Salesforce data will remain safe and sound.

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At Adecco, and with my previous companies, I’ve always leveraged Own as my valued partner to ensure that we have a daily snapshot of our Salesforce org. Knowing that I can reference backups of both my data and metadata allows me to work with confidence, especially when I’m rapidly making changes to production. We brought Own on the Adecco USA org almost as soon as I joined. The setup for both production and sandboxes is super simple.
Mike Mihnovich
Business Analyst at Adecco
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