Trilux, leader in lighting solutions, favours Own to ensure business continuity and accelerate innovation

For over 100 years, Trilux has been providing individually tailored lighting solutions for offices, industry, healthcare, education, retail and sport around the world.

Salesforce is a key tool that enables Trilux to manage its entire customer relationship. Trilux has between 250-1000 Salesforce licences and over 900 people logging onto the platform daily.

Arnsberg, Germany
Backup and Recovery


Trilux suffered a cyber attack on 14 February 2020. All applications were unavailable apart from Salesforce. After a security audit, Trilux realised that there was no security and data protection system in place. Even though Salesforce was working, Trilux immediately wanted a third-party solution to protect and secure its data in case there was a failure with CRM. 


  • Trilux evaluated several solutions including the native Salesforce solution. None of the solutions were complete, and many features that were important to the team were not included. The POC at Own provided an opportunity to test the solution in the environment and see how it worked. 
  • The team started with backups on the development side, followed by quality assurance and production. The Own solution is very intuitive and is the most complete solution that Trilux has tested.
  • Backups are also essential to Trilux's business, enabling data to be recovered and, above all, the history of the data to be retrieved, making it possible to understand why and by whom the data and metadata were corrupted.
  • When a new sandbox was created, it was empty by default because it was a development sandbox. Own Accelerate was essential because Trilux was wasting a lot of time creating a dataset with out-of-date data. Thanks to Accelerate, the solution makes it possible to take the latest records created in production and to quickly integrate data when sandbox development has been carried out. The Own solution therefore makes it possible to create datasets with high-quality, up-to-date data.

The Results:

  • Today, without Own Accelerate, the Trilux team would not be able to innovate as quickly. This represents a huge time saving for developers, allowing them to work with up-to-date data and carry out real development.
  • Trilux now makes daily backups of its data and metadata. The latter is very important and non-existent in the other solutions evaluated.
  • Thanks to smart alerts, the Trilux team can be warned immediately of any data loss or corruption.
  • The Own solution is the most comprehensive and makes life easier for Salesforce administrators.
  • The peace of mind of having data and backups protected on an Own server in Europe is also a real plus.
  • The user experience is pleasant and intuitive.
  • Trilux opted for a third-party solution to ensure business continuity in the event of a problem with its CRM system.

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Own allows us to have real control over data. If data is corrupted or deleted, the team can recover it. It's a peace of mind that's priceless!
Samuel Hamon
Salesforce Admin
Own is 10x more complete than any competitor we initially evaluated.
Samuel Hamon
Salesforce Admin
You have to open your eyes and absolutely secure your data and metadata in a space other than your CRM.
Samuel Hamon
Salesforce Admin
Backup and Recovery