With automated daily backups, Smart Alert monitoring, and restoration capabilities, MADD operates with secure protection of their burgeoning database.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes, and prevent underage drinking.

The MADD organization streamlined its operation by consolidating multiple data sets onto the Salesforce platform. With this concentration of critical business data, data loss and corruption was not an option. Today, Own provides comprehensive data protection support and peace of mind. With automated daily backups, proactive Smart Alert monitoring of data changes, and selective, easy-to-administer restoration capabilities, MADD operates with industry-leading, secure protection of their burgeoning database.

Irving, TX
Backup and Recovery

No safety net for critical donor information

Upon the implementation of Salesforce, MADD quickly accumulated a mountain of data. It became necessary to reassess backup and recovery operations. In order to protect critical donor and donation information, they also needed to be able to detect data corruption and loss, whether accidental or malicious.


  1. Automated daily backups provide data protection for MADD’s fast- growing database
  2. Smart Alerts ensure no significant data changes go unnoticed
  3. Proactive data monitoring provides MADD peace of mind that their data is safe with OwnBackup

Salesforce data protection peace of mind

MADD needed a reliable, efficient backup solution that could support its growing Salesforce infrastructure. After MADD’s IT infrastructure vendor recommended Own, they researched multiple backup solutions. MADD’s team agreed that Own was the ideal solution to meet their needs. Today, MADD’s Salesforce data is fully protected against data loss and corruption, giving their team peace of mind as they continue to migrate more essential functions onto the Salesforce platform. Own Smart Alerts provide an additional layer of protection by ensuring data changes don’t go unnoticed.

Daily, automated Salesforce backups, with proactive data monitoring

MADD continues to add departmental-critical data to the Salesforce platform. Their goal has been to leverage data across the enterprise, with the ability to report at the local, regional, and enterprise levels. During these critical implementations, MADD utilizes Own Smart Alerts to proactively monitor significant data changes and deletions in their Salesforce Orgs. At the same time, automated daily data and metadata backups ensure that the growing Salesforce data set remains secure and accurate.

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It’s like insurance. You hope you are never in a situation where you must use it. We are thankful to have that peace of mind. Losing data equals losing money. For a non-profit, any loss can have drastic, negative, long-term impact. Our senior executives and leadership also depend on us to have a reliable data structure. Providing a contingency plan to recover from any data loss, Own is an asset to MADD’s operations.
Eric Pitts
Software Support Specialist at MADD
Backup and Recovery