IHG protects mission-critical business data in Salesforce with Own

IHG is a hotel franchising company which owns brands like InterContinental, Kimpton, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, and many others. Todd Stalter, Director, Global Salesforce Center of Excellence, is responsible for supporting over 25 different business units and maintaining over 30 different Salesforce solutions. The risk of losing access to this data shined a spotlight on the need for a comprehensive backup and recovery solution that sits outside of Salesforce.

Atlanta, GA
Backup and Recovery


  • Having a backup solution on the same platform their data lives did not make a lot of sense for the team.
  • A big data loss event in 2019, brought to light the need for a more comprehensive backup solution.

  • 2.5 working days of downtime resulted in a significant direct revenue channel impact in the hundred’s of thousands of dollars.

  • Heavily customized coded features and capabilities in Salesforce created a tricky recovery process.

  • Required a solution that would easily integrate with their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Copado.

  • With Salesforce supporting mission critical business processes, and not being able to afford to lose data, the team could not adopt just any solution–they needed one that would address multiple requirements.

  • As they continue to invest in Salesforce, IHG needs to protect that investment and the critical data it houses.


  • Data backups are stored outside of Salesforce, providing IHG access to their data and metadata at all times should it ever become temporarily unavailable.

  • Own provides a single pane of glass–one interface for all orgs.

  • By integrating Own with Copado, the team is able to run a backup prior to pushing changes to a new environment – all the way from the integration sandbox to stage sandbox, and then to production.

  • Use Own tools on a daily basis to ensure that backups are comprehensive, and visual graphs allow them to easily pinpoint data loss and corruption. If something is missing, it’s easy to update and correct.  

  • The solution brings efficiencies to the team by avoiding the manual process of adding data to sandboxes for development and training.

  • Ease of use continues to impress the team, making their jobs easier.

  • Can correct and resolve human error issues quickly, saving time and headaches.

Getting Value

Users performed work in a production environment and didn’t fully understand the impact of the changes they were making. Own alerts flagged the activity and they were able to quickly restore the data, getting on with business as usual.

Prior to Own, they may not have been able to ever get that data back. (yikes!)

“Own does what it’s supposed to do, we trust it. We don’t worry about our data any more.”

About IHG

At IHG, we’re committed to delivering True Hospitality for everyone. We believe in making you feel welcome and valued, wherever you are in the world. That’s because we truly care about people and the communities we serve, and because we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of service.

Each of our hotel brands caters to guests in their own distinct way. And our reach spans the globe. So, whether you’re travelling for business, fun with friends and family, or pure luxury, we have a hotel for you.

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We have been really happy with the Own tool, it just does what it is supposed to do and we are easily able to restore when necessary.
Todd Stalter
Director, Global Salesforce Center of Excellence at IHG
I continue to rely on Own and know they will always be leading the charge to ensure the product has the most capabilities of any backup solution out there.
Todd Stalter
Director, Global Salesforce Center of Excellence at IHG
Backup and Recovery