Enovate Medical Minimizes Risk of User-Inflicted Salesforce Data Loss with Own

Enovate Medical creates intelligent, mobile-first workstations to assist nurses, patients, management, and IT staff at hospitals and medical facilities across the country. They deliver on the promise of today’s electronic medical record systems through a consultative approach and a holistic view that includes service and support to help customers achieve better outcomes. Their workstations improve clinical workflows and facilitate real-time Electronic Health Record (EHR) charting at the point of care. Enovate Medical’s mobile-powered solutions allow nurses to capture patient data throughout their shift. This real-time data collection at the point of patient care has caused mobile workstation use to skyrocket from 25 percent of a nurse’s shift to 75 percent in a four-year period. These workstations enhance patient engagement, help reduce user fatigue, and improve the clinical workflow. Enovate Medical’s seamless approach to service and support maximizes the efficiency and resources of hospital and medical facility IT staff while maintaining full availability of the EHR fleet.

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Enovate Medical Realized their Business Data was at Risk Without a Comprehensive Salesforce Data Protection Solution

For the past twelve years, Enovate Medical has matured their business on top of the Salesforce platform. Enovate Medical stores an extensive amount of prospect and customer data within a complex Salesforce database architecture. Specific data stored includes accounts, contacts, opportunities, quotes, certain data leveraged for Marketing Change Requests (MCR’s), as well as assets associated with the accounts and service contacts.

Salesforce enables Enovate Medical to focus their time and energy on bringing value to customers via well-manufactured workstations, rather than worrying about how to safely store their data.

Incorporating a product that supports their customers in accomplishing their life-saving tasks was essential to Enovate Medical’s overall success.

Due to the nature of their business-critical data, Enovate Medical realized that a data protection foundation was crucial to the continued growth of their company. Enovate Medical needed an enterprise-grade solution that would perform daily backups and provide the tools to quickly recover from any data loss or corruption event.

Enovate Medical Establishes a Solid Data Protection Foundation with Own Recover for Salesforce

In an effort to minimize business risk and continue delivering value to their hospital and medical facility prospects and customers, Enovate Medical sought out a comprehensive backup and recovery solution that could function seamlessly with Salesforce. The solution needed to be able to restore their vital data quickly and on-demand. After thoroughly evaluating other data protection options, Enovate Medical was confident that choosing Own was the best decision for their business.

As a current customer, Enovate Medical is an avid user of Own, specifically to maintain the integrity of their data with daily, automated backups. Enovate Medical has been impressed with the comprehensive set of useful capabilities available to them from Own. Choosing Own has helped Enovate Medical gain peace of mind knowing they can maintain business continuity by quickly identifying and restoring if a data loss or corruption were to occur.

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Like many Salesforce customers, for years we relied solely on Salesforce to have our data in the event of a catastrophic failure. After implementing Own, I sleep much better at night knowing that all the object relationships, customizations, and metadata are safe, secure, and available at a moments notice. As a partner, Own has few peers. Everyone I have interfaced with has been impeccable and genuinely cares about our success.
Joey Len
Manager CRM & Account Management at Enovate Medical
Backup and Recovery