DenMat Ensures Salesforce Data Protection and Data Compliance with Own

DenMat is a Long-time Leader in Dental and Medical Device Manufacturing and Distribution on the California Central Coast

Founded in 1974, DenMat has long been recognized as a leader in the manufacturing of innovative materials and equipment solutions for dental professionals. With a broad range of products and services, and distribution in over 100 countries, DenMat is a household name for dentists and hygienists all over the world.

Lompoc, CA
Backup and Recovery

DenMat Stays Healthy and Grows with Salesforce

Since 2009, Salesforce has been the central point of reference for all internal teams at DenMat. A significant portion of DenMat’s business runs on Salesforce, including sales, customers, leads, programming and purchase patterns, flags and banners, as well as transactions. The company has customized marketing deployment, lead nurturing, reporting, incident tracking, and order entry processes through Salesforce. As the company continues to expand, so does DenMat’s Salesforce Org. Salesforce enables DenMat to continue strengthening their business operations, while creating innovative dental products and services that help promote companies and professionals in the dental industry.

DenMat Experienced an Accidental Data Overwrite

After a field of data was overwritten on several accounts, DenMat realized they needed a fast and comprehensive backup and recovery solution that could also significantly improve their recovery time objective. The data corruption resulted from their company’s webmaster overwriting the State field in some addresses. At the time, DenMat was backing up Salesforce using the Weekly Export, the out-of-the- box solution provided by Salesforce. To recover the corrupted data, using the Weekly Export, the admin team had to first identify the data that was incorrectly overwritten per a customer comparison, using SQL within their ERP system. After finding each piece of data related to each impacted customer, the admin team exported the data into .CSV files. Finally, DenMat was able to rewrite the data by uploading .CSV files containing the correct data. This was a time-consuming process that the DenMat team hoped to never go through again.

DenMat Must Comply with Stringent Medical Device Regulations

In order to remain compliant with medical device standard ISO 13485 along with, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, DenMat needed a Salesforce data protection solution that could enable them to remain compliant.

ISO 13485 is an internationally agreed upon standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry. According to ISO 13485, regulatory requirements are increasingly stringent throughout every step of a product’s life cycle, including service and delivery. In an effort to address risks that could impact the continuation of a business supplying their products, software validation, backups, and restoration of data are a core focus of the ISO 13485. This regulations requires DenMat to validate any software that is used in the manufacturing and control of products. They are required to verify that they are backing up all manufacturing data and are able to restore that data whenever it is needed.

Under the FDA 21 CFR Part 11, data should be protected for as long as it is retained. While retained, the data should be accessible and retrievable, within a reasonable period of time. DenMat needed to create, implement, and follow the procedures of data backup and recovery, data archiving, and disaster recovery/business continuity. Without a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy, it would be very difficult for DenMat to remain compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

"I treasure our account representative and technical support, having found them always responsive and knowledgeable. Own is a necessary backup and recovery solution for any company using Salesforce."

- Thomas R. Lyon, Senior IT Manager

DenMat Crowns Own as their Salesforce Data Protection Solution of Choice

With Own’s easy-to-use interface and self-service platform, DenMat can effectively minimize downtime, recover their data if a loss or corruption were to occur, and continue to seamlessly provide dental products and services to its customers. In addition, Own Smart Alerts, which alert DenMat when Salesforce data has been changed, helps DenMat proactively monitor their critical business data. To prove that Own is running smoothly, DenMat performs quarterly data recovery strategy testing. As part of this process, the team creates test folders with data in each system, backs them up, deletes the data, and then restores the data. By doing this, DenMat knows that their data recovery process will work as expected within their required recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

DenMat Ensures ISO 13485 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance with Own

It was very important for DenMat to secure a data protection partner capable of helping them protect data and comply with the ISO 13485 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Own supports DenMat with regulatory compliance by not only offering up-to- date, retrievable backups of data, metadata, and attachments, but also quick and complete data recovery to ensure business continuity. DenMat continues to accelerate business growth and build business resiliency with data protection and compliance peace of mind from Own.

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Our decision to choose Own for our Salesforce backup solution was easy to make. With Own, we can seamlessly restore lost or corrupted data, metadata, links, and attachments within minutes. It works so well that we often forget about it. The daily email I receive that indicates the success of each backup gives me peace of mind that our critical business data is safe and sound.
Thomas R. Lyon
Senior IT Manager at DenMat
Backup and Recovery