Certinia connects the backup and restore dots with Own Company

Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) delivers a Services-as-a-Business platform that powers and connects all aspects of services operations, from services estimation and delivery to customer success management and financial planning and accounting. The company’s Professional Services Automation (PSA), Customer Success, and ERP solutions—delivered on Salesforce’s leading cloud platform—provide the ability to run a connected services business, deliver with intelligence, and achieve business agility.

Certinia’s Senior Director of Global Business Operations Richard Hall is focused on how Salesforce is used internally, and developing enhancements to execute on the company’s digital strategy.

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Backup and Recovery


Certinia has always been a cloud-first organization. With both its work and product held in the cloud, it’s top of mind for Richard to ensure he’s taking the proper steps to protect mission-critical data. “I think we understood the importance of protecting our data and ensuring that the information we stored within our Salesforce org was always available if we needed it,” Richard explained. “Everything we do from our sales process to our ERP system and more is running on the Salesforce platform, so it’s imperative that all our data is accounted for.”

Given Certinia’s experience with the cloud, Richard and team knew that they needed a solution to back up their data. While they were fortunate enough to have avoided data loss in the past, they knew that an incident could arise at any time, even while following all of the correct protocols.

“Salesforce is an amazing platform and has brought huge benefits to both our team and our customers. Making sure our data is protected outside of the Salesforce ecosystem has always been on our mind.”

With over 1,000 Salesforce users at Certinia accessing the system on a daily basis and supporting its entire customer community, finding the right solution to fit their growing Salesforce data volume quickly became a top priority.

The Decision Process

Prior to Own Company, Richard was using an underwhelming backup solution that just wasn’t cutting it.

“We went with an offering that was just an extension of a company that we had already done business with.

To keep up with growing data, Richard needed a system that was adaptable, user friendly, and had a robust selection of features and functionality to help scale their recovery process.

“We got to a point where we felt like we had outgrown the previous solution. I think partnering with a company that had a clear strategy and a really robust product with a strong roadmap helped us to see that moving to Own was the right choice for us.”

Between the demo, seeing the capabilities in real time, and the ease of the procurement process, going with Own was an easy choice for Richard; the robust product and the self-service opportunities just made sense. Not only could they do more with Own, but they got more with Own.


Since implementing Own over two years ago, Richard’s team can work at a faster pace while also having peace of mind throughout their work day. The team can fully focus on development and testing, as opposed to being distracted by fire-drills that come with manually supporting your data backups. They no longer have to spend unnecessary time focusing on tasks that Own automatically runs in the background. To his delight, Richard can also benefit from tasks that he didn’t expect from a backup and recovery solution.

“We can move quickly because in the back of your mind, even in worst case scenarios, we can always recover data that we’ve lost–particularly with the metadata, which is extremely important.”

And the peace of mind doesn’t stop there. With Smart Alerts, Richard and his team can be notified of any unusual activity in their backups, and take quick, proactive steps to remediate it as necessary.

“The functionality around alerting us about security configuration changes within our org presents itself in such an easy manner. We can make rapid decisions and can consume that information easier than we would get from Salesforce and any other third party monitoring tools.”

The Bottom Line

For Richard, the addition of Own into his Salesforce org was an easy decision. “There is no such thing as a backup solution; the only solution is a restore solution because we are only as good as your last restore. You have to have trust and confidence in it. Own gives us that.” 

More Than Just a Customer

As the leading data platform trusted by thousands of organizations, Own is committed to helping customers like Certinia protect and activate SaaS data to transform their business. Certinia has elevated their trust in Own, becoming more than a customer but a partner as well. 

For Certinia’s Director of ISV Alliances Morgan Wheaton, the partnership was an impactful next step, based on their successful experience. “Both Own and Certinia are top tier ISVs with Salesforce, so there has always been a lot of synergy between our organizations. Very often we have customers that inquire with us about what they might need to do from a backup and recovery standpoint, and the answer is always Own.” 

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What attracted us to Own from the conversations and the demos that we had was that the user experience, what you were able to do using Own, was richer while being easier to use. Our customers could do more themselves.
Morgan Weaton
Director of ISV Alliances
You need to know your most valuable assets are well protected, and you can't truly protect data if it exists within the same platform where your source material is.
Richard Hall
Senior Director of Global Business Operations
Financial Services
Backup and Recovery