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A global biotechnology company uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Power Apps to drive awareness for their products in the market and support their sales cycles. From inbound and outbound sales processes to marketing campaigns and direct e-commerce sales, the company tracks all data vital to conducting business and closing opportunities in these systems.

The team was using Microsoft’s out-of-the-box backup and recovery solution—or at least they thought they were.

“The backup was never really activated. Instead, it was backing up automatically on a continuous schedule set by Microsoft. There was no way to visualize the data within backups without first issuing a full restore job, which is a time-intensive headache.”

Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Global biotechnology research company recovers quickly with Own


It all started when someone accidentally overwrote 5,000 equipment serial numbers. This wasn’t an accident that could be reversed: There were duplicate serial numbers for 5,000 pieces of equipment.

Microsoft’s native backup alone was not sufficient for a granular restore—and certainly couldn’t reverse the overwriting of the 5,000 serial numbers. With the native backup solution, it’s all or nothing.

It became clear to the team that they were taking on unnecessary risk. If they suffered a data loss, how would they even know it occurred in the first place?

Realizing they needed a more comprehensive solution, they began researching backup solutions that could give them the ability to restore down to the dataset, row, column, and field level—and could provide a seamless experience without bringing down production environments.

They also needed to produce a regulatory document for their Security and Compliance team, proving that the backups were GDPR compliant.

With these requirements top of mind, they were torn between two solutions they thought had similar capabilities.

When it came to trialing the alternative solution to Own, they were met with a number of errors, and their experience with this company’s support team was less than helpful.

“I was having issues even just simply logging in”, said the company’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist “I asked support if they could help me get started with the demo environment, and they sent me a PDF to read. That’s just not the level of experience I was expecting or wanting, to be frank.”

For the team, if this was how things were starting off, they didn’t have a good feeling about their relationship going forward.


With Own, they had the opposite experience. The Own team was friendly, helpful, and quick to respond to support tickets when they needed them the most.

“I don't always have time to read knowledge base articles”, said their Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist. “I want to be able to speak to someone about an issue I’m having. And the response from Own support is faster than I’ve ever experienced with other products.”

Hundreds of 5-star marketplace reviews reflect Own’s impressive SLAs, proving our commitment to support our customers in their journey to safeguarding their data. And that’s just from an onboarding perspective.

The team also uses Power Automate flows to qualify ticket submissions and trigger approval flows. They’ve configured an array of Power Apps to aid in similar workflows, and now have the confidence to iterate quickly and deploy additional workstreams, knowing if something breaks, they will be the first to know via Own’s Smart Alerts. Anomaly alerting proactively monitors your data flows, so you don’t ever have to look backwards.

There were several reasons this team chose Own:

You can customize alerts and be notified when data changes in your org.

If you want to know if somebody deleted a record or uploaded a document to the wrong account, you can select to be notified of those actions and changes.

You can backup different business units or orgs.

It’s GDPR compliant.

“It didn’t take long for my security team to review Own for GDPR compliance. They followed up quickly and said we’re all good to start using. That was such a nice win! It’s also reassuring that they encrypt data in transit and at rest”


Own runs smoothly on its own, giving the team time to focus on priority projects and generating new revenue growth. With just a few clicks, they know data is backed up and secure, giving them the peace of mind that if something did happen, they’d be up and running in no time. No more panicking to manually scrub through spreadsheets to determine if and where a data loss or corruption has occurred, and no more headaches of full restore jobs.

Global biotechnology research company uses Precision Repair to restore altered data

They had an issue where their database size jumped 400% within a month. They met with a colleague who oversees integrations and decided to compare the tables to see what happened.

“We were just guessing at this stage. It could’ve been that the integration engine was writing some bogus data, but whatever the reason, we needed to get to the root cause.”

With Own, they were able to pull differential backups and use their visual compare feature to juxtapose and analyze one table version to another. As a result, they were quickly able to visualize only the data that was changed, and with a single click, restore just the data that was altered using Own’s Precision Repair feature.

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You can’t put a price on preventing the anxiety and hours of manual labor that comes with restoring lost data, particularly when our job is to focus on new revenue generation instead of rework.
Dynamics 365 CRM specialist
I love how easy it is to use. Just a couple of clicks and you’re backed up!
Dynamics 365 CRM specialist
An irreversible overwrite of product serial numbers is not a mistake I ever want to make if I don’t have a backup and restore solution. At least I know if that were to happen today, Own has my back.
Dynamics 365 CRM specialist
If saving time means me having a good night's sleep, that saved time is worth a million dollars.
Dynamics 365 CRM specialist
Backup and Recovery