Algeco helps their sales team meet their objectives by keeping data healthy and available.

Algeco Group is Europe and Asia Pacific's leading business services company specialising in modular space.

Within Salesforce, Algeco Group uses Sales Cloud for CRM, CPQ for the quotations process, and continues to expand their use of the platform in other ways as well.

As their use of Salesforce and cloud apps grew, so did the value of their data. That’s when Algeco knew it was time to invest in a cloud data protection platform with Own.

London, UK
Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Algeco helps their sales team meet their objectives by keeping data healthy and available.


The Salesforce native backup tool was not sufficient to meet RPO/RTO guidelines, which motivated the CRM team to seek out a better data recovery solution.

CPQ data is critical to the quote process – they can’t afford to lose this data and the complex data relationships that drive it.

The team needed a clean dataset and to help business teams avoid making decisions based on bad data.

Sales reps needed a clear view on their sales pipeline as well as the ability to track historical data.

The Salesforce admins required the right tools to enable the sales team to reach their sales objectives and revenue goals.

Algeco needed a reliable resource plan for both major and minor data corruption events.

Sales cannot go a day without access to their opportunities – nevermind a full week.

Recovering data manually can take a very long time – they need to be able to recover quickly and execute without the aid of the IT tech team.


Own is a one stop solution. All the data is stored in a single place – no need to pull reports or dig for data.

The backup lives outside of Salesforce. It’s important for the solution to not be linked to Salesforce in case they need to restore data and Salesforce is offline for any reason.

Precision data selection is easy. You just need to scroll to find the right object or data to extract for a restore or pull data to seed a sandbox.

The data relationships between CPQ objects are protected and remain intact in a restore event.

Frequent, incremental backups catch any data additions, changes, or modifications since the previous backup, providing the ability to restore back to any point in time.

A dashboard is displayed on the homepage where you can see straight away what works, what doesn't and where to focus your efforts.

Own is simple to use and intuitive – even for non-technical users. It provides a high degree of value when the solution can be managed without the technical IT guys.

The Results

The Salesforce admins shine with the value of Own.


When the team made some changes to their workflows, the changes updated or zeroed out a high volume of records.


The workflow updated at night and it impacted a number of different objects. When the team arrived in the morning and saw that the data had changed, they needed to recover everything urgently so that sales could get to work.

Easy Fix

They very quickly turned to Own, and were able to easily restore to the previous version. With Own in place, the CRM team were able to save the day, the data and keep the sales team working.

About Algeco

We are Europe and Asia Pacific’s leading specialist in modular services and infrastructure. Combining unrivalled skill and adaptability, we enable people to work more productively, improve their quality of life, and enhance their learning. We design and deliver whatever our customers need, whenever and wherever they need it.


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The most valuable thing for me is that the tool is not managed at all by the technical IT team. It is managed and maintained by the Salesforce team. Which means that the tool is really simple to use.
Nicolas Vernoux
Director of Infrastructure
With Own we are confident that anything can happen and we always have a place to go to recover it.
Melanie Lemetais
Salesforce & CPQ Run Manager
Having Own saved us from losing critical sales data and the need to explain the situation to the sales leaders.
Melanie Lemetais
Salesforce & CPQ Run Manager
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Backup and Recovery