Navigating SaaS Healthcare Data Protection and Regulatory Demands

Gather data protection strategies that you can implement to better secure your data and stay in compliance with industry regulations.

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SaaS data protection poses significant challenges to companies in the healthcare industry. Yet healthcare companies that fail to protect valuable patient information are subject to debilitating non-compliance fines, battered reputations, lost customers, malpractice lawsuits, and even patient death.

Healthcare compliance regulations, such as HIPAA require backups to be frequent, encrypted, tested, and stored offsite. Therefore, exact copies of electronic patient health information must be backed up securely and business entities should be able to fully restore in the event of data loss or corruption.

Data loss and corruption happen more often than you would expect and is devastating for companies that do not have the right backup and recovery solution in place. When it comes to accidental or malicious data loss and corruption, backing up and restoring that is the responsibility of the client, not the SaaS provider. Therefore, building a data protection strategy is up to the healthcare company.

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