A PROACTIVE Approach to SaaS CRM Data Protection

Strategies to eliminate downtime, reduce data loss risk and build cloud data resilience.

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Data is the currency of a digital business. 85% of CxOs IDC surveyed in 2020 said becoming an intelligent organisation by 2024 is a top priority in their future enterprise strategies. But protecting valuable data from data loss and corruption is easier said than done when a company's data footprint is spread across multiple environments, especially SaaS environments. According to IDC's 2020 multi-cloud survey, only 29% of data resides in core data center environments.

SaaS platforms are viewed as a breath of fresh air because they are easier to adopt, bring modern UI, facilitate collaboration and transform legacy business processes. And as data's value becomes more significant, "PROACTIVE" protection — an acronym derived from nine guiding principles — is imperative.

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