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Intern Insight: Why Data Protection Matters (as a College Student)

Katherine Zahra Khayami
Marketing Intern
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This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to intern for the marketing team at Own. When I was initially interviewing for the position, I was keen on gaining experience in a new, impactful industry: SaaS. I walked into the office on my first day knowing little about SaaS data, just that ‘it is stored on the cloud’. Over the course of my nine-week internship, I realized that there are a lot of overlaps between life as a college student and data protection. Here are my five takeaways about data protection and how I apply these same principles in my everyday life: 

Protect what matters  

Data backups assure total protection. One of the first things I learned at my internship was the misconception of how secure data really is. Optimally, it should be stored following the 3-2-1 rule. There must be three copies of the data in two formats, one being physical. 

As a college student, I ensure  I have a backup I can rely on: my roommate. She knows to wake me up in case I miss my alarm before my 9 am lecture. This makes college life a little easier. Also, I believe in the importance of mitigating any risk of losing information because personally, I always have a copy of my professor’s notes in three forms: the course online platform, a Word document, and hand-written notes. These personal protection measures reassure me that I always have a fallback in case I need it. 

Over the course of my internship, I learned how intrinsic backup is to our human story. Humans have evolved through preserving and passing on knowledge. We wouldn’t be where we are today if, for example, the knowledge preserved in the Library of Alexandria was completely lost when it burned, and it wasn’t stored in various libraries in the Middle East. 

Embrace outside help  

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform’s capabilities are limited when it comes to data protection. Under the shared responsibility model, it's the data owner’s responsibility to manage their data. This is where an independent, third-party backup solution comes in.

In college, I find it’s important to utilize resources outside the classroom. Much like using a CRM, my education is my responsibility. Therefore, I take it upon myself to go to office hours. When I meet with my professor, I can review course material and clear any questions I may have, which allows me to be the best student possible and get the most out of my education. 

Mistakes happen 

Data backups exist because data owners are imperfect humans, and they’re at risk of making mistakes. The biggest risk companies face is human error; after all, it’s the reason for nearly half of all data loss in SaaS applications. Backup and recovery and data security  mitigate any risk of loss or corruption of data. 

I consider myself very organized, but even I can attest to losing track of files. One of the most brutal experiences I’ve faced is losing a paper hours into writing it and minutes before it’s due. I felt defeated, and all my hard work was wasted. Ultimately, I could only blame myself for not protecting what was needed. I can’t even imagine how a data loss would feel to a global organization. 

It’s clear that mistakes are bound to happen to all of us, whether in the business world or on campus. It’s up to you to be proactive and protect what’s important. 

Own Mid Year Kickoff 2023

Stay alert

Your data is always changing, and it can be difficult to track without the proper solution. With Own Recover Smart Alerts, businesses can be alerted of risks before they become a serious problem. This keeps business continuity a priority and instills confidence in day-to-day activities. 

I rest assured in my everyday college life, knowing that I have someone who is always looking out for me: my Resident Advisor (RA). Just like Smart Alerts, my RA notifies me of any abnormal activity before it causes any risk. They look out for their residents’ well- being by letting them know of any cleanliness or safety concerns before they become problematic. I have peace of mind knowing that these issues are brought to my attention on a regular basis. 

Be open to explore

Effective data protection needs to extend beyond your live production org. Own Sandbox Seeding allows you to experiment and test data in a low-stakes environment, which enables innovation and empowers users. This way, you can determine the best way to work with your data. 

A college campus is a lot like a sandbox. Both give the opportunity to try things out. I get exposure to other students, clubs, and a selection of courses. In this contained environment, I can attend different club meetings or choose to take classes that interest me but won’t impact my major. As a result, I can build confidence and independence that I will take with me when I graduate. 

My time at Own’s New Jersey headquarters has been incredibly fulfilling. I’ve worked cross-functionally in the marketing department, helping on marketing calls, project management, strategic planning, and research on technology conferences. I also attended Own’s Mid-Year Kickoff, where I connected with other teams (and had fun!). These experiences have given me skills and perspective that will help build the foundation for my career. I’m also eager to see the future of data protection and how Own continues to innovate. 

Thanks Own, for this great opportunity! 

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