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How the Right Backup and Recovery Tool Empowers Secret Escapes To Do Their Best Work

Mike Melone
Content Marketing Manager, Own Company
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It’s all too easy to exceed storage limits when running a business that relies heavily on data. Moreover, running past these limits can introduce performance issues and increase costs.

But armed with the right tools, these problems can disappear. Using Own, businesses can backup and recover data as frequently as needed, as well as archive data that’s not currently being utilized—but shouldn’t necessarily be deleted—out of production.

Partnership-propelling pain points

Secret Escapes, a tailored travel company with over 60 million global members, inevitably has high data storage requirements. While it’s not uncommon for a company of that size to exceed storage limits, creating problems and driving up costs, some have greater needs than others.

“We were using about 400% of our data storage,” Secret Escapes Head of Business Technology Kate Donaghy explains. This problem is common, and unfortunately, so are its consequences.

Kate found that closely working with Salesforce applied a bandaid: A somewhat “usable system in production” that didn’t apply in the full copy sandbox. The team was ultimately unable to use the system effectively or “do any releases through a copy of production.”

The resulting releases took too long and were ultimately riddled with production bugs. “We were really inefficient as a team,” Kate explains.

In addition, impending charges for exceeding data usage meant the team needed to bring that usage under 100% in order to prepare for their renewal at the end of the year.

Own to the rescue

The team at Secret Escapes had clear and specific requirements for the backup and recovery tool they needed to use. When starting the Request For Proposal (RFP) process, they needed:

  • Frequent and ideally daily backup capabilities
  • Easily accessible data
  • Usability for everyone in the Salesforce team: from administrators to developers
  • Scalability aligned with business objectives
  • A pricing model that suited business needs

Ultimately, Secret Escapes found that Own satisfied all of its requirements. But the primary reason that Secret Escapes chose Own was that it is non-native. Should they lose all access to Salesforce in a critical situation, they’re able to use Own to access and restore data.

Going with Own also meant that the teams at Secret Escapes benefited from stand-out features, including:

  • Smart alerts, offering proactivity in terms of data when data loss occurs — Kate’s team knows before anyone tells them
  • GDPR-compliant backups and features that make it easy to complete Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF) requests with little manual input
  • Own’s pricing model enables companies to pay for the number of users benefitting rather than the amount of data being stored, which is perfect for scaling.

Own frees teams up to focus on better releases

On top of satisfying Secret Escape’s requirements, Own also improved its efficiency. Poor-quality releases lead to unhappy customers. By using Own Recover for Salesforce, the team found that they were able to improve the quality of their releases into production.

Not worrying about data storage and backups enables more people to focus on more, higher-quality releases. Super users within businesses can make minor changes to page layouts or profiles autonomously because they’re in a risk-free and safe environment.

Secret Escapes found even more value through Own Archive, which allowed them to save money on storage costs and reinvest parts of their Sales and Service Cloud contract into other Salesforce products. Kate and her team found a great ROI by using Pardot as their B2B marketing tool.

“Instead of spending £20,000 on chunks of data within the Salesforce contract, we're able to reinvest that in a tool that allows us to drive margin, increase our profits, and create better relationships with our suppliers,” Kate says.

Own empowers teams to focus on their vision

Secret Escapes has a vision “to inspire the world to escape,” Kate says. The company is “responsible for finding, curating, [and] producing inspiring holidays for our members.” Her own mission to help fulfill this vision is in finding and implementing tools that enable her colleagues to “have a great day at work.”

Kate’s team doesn’t want to worry about page loading speeds, fields not working as expected, and data not being correctly located. They don’t want to deal with system faults. They want to spend time doing what they were hired to do.

Own Archive and Own Recover for Salesforce empower people who know their processes better than anyone else to work better. Teams that can update autonomously are nimbler, which means they can release quicker while maintaining high quality.

In turn, teams like Kate’s can focus on long-term projects that stabilize the platform and work harmoniously with all Salesforce tools. Instead of worrying about a system that doesn’t work as it should, they can focus on what really makes the business grow: satisfying suppliers and customers.

Find out how the Own platform protects you from losing mission-critical data with automated backups and stress-free recovery: Schedule a demo today.

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Customer Stories
Customer Stories
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