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How Quickly Can Your Backup Solution Get You Up and Running?

Mike Melone
Content Marketing Manager, Own Company
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After weeks or months of researching vendors and sitting through demos, you’ve finally landed on a new data backup and recovery vendor for your business. What a relief!

But before you start celebrating, you have one more step. Implementing any kind of new technology or software is a critical step of the buying process. When it comes to your data backup solution, implementation is especially important since it affects how quickly you can begin protecting your data.

Backup vendors take considerably different approaches to helping new customers successfully adopt and deploy their solutions. Some simply send customers a user guide, while others require customers to engage consultants to drive costly and unwieldy deployment projects. When evaluating providers, consider a solution that allows you to get up and running right away, with no extra costs for doing so, and a support team that can help you should you need it.

Here’s an overview of Own’s approach to implementation and how it helps customers protect their data as quickly as possible.

Own's implementation process

With Own, backing up your data for the first time takes just a few steps, and most customers are up and running within 10 minutes of beginning the onboarding process:

  1. Log in to the Own application and select the server for the backup hosting. Own provides several options based on your region and business needs. 
  2. Own can back up Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Ncino, Sage, and Veeva. We can also back up previous Salesforce weekly exports.
  3. Select the service type to back up. With Own you can back up production data and metadata as well as sandbox data and metadata. Once you add a service, you will be prompted to authenticate with the cloud service provider, authorizing Own to access your org. Once authenticated, daily backups will begin running automatically, and you will be notified by email after the first backup completes successfully.

After your backups are running you can customize your account settings, which includes things like managing users, setting up business units, setting IP restrictions, managing encryption keys, etc. You also have the ability to configure your backups by setting the start time for daily backups, editing retention policies, and more.

Own offers a multi-channel support service, so even after customers are onboarded, it’s easy for them to get answers to any question they have, or get help with an urgent data restore.

What our customers say

“Simplifying a complicated task- great work! Not only did they deliver an application that simplifies a really complicated process, they provide a consultative approach with a wealth of experience. Very approachable with a great sense of humor!”- Donna H
“Intuitive, Simple to use, Powerful. I think the title says it all. Never had to look at the documentation as it is that easy to use. However, don't let the simplicity fool you. It is a very powerful tool.” - Joey R
“I loved how easy this tool was to configure- we had it up and running in minutes.”- Chris K
“It takes about two minutes to set up your SFDB to back up, and once it's set, you don't really have to think about it again unless there's an issue. Love it.” -Tana I

Source: Salesforce AppExchange

Get started with Own

Between our Technical Support and Implementation teams here at Own, we have over 20 people dedicated to helping you get the most out of service. Here are some of the benefits of Own’s implementation process:

  • Built to scale: Install the backup solution once for all orgs-no need to install separately for each org or environment
  • Automated processing: As soon as the orgs are connected to the Own platform, the first backups will start running automatically
  • No ops: The Own web UI is highly intuitive and requires no ops support
  • Guided onboarding: We walk you through the entire implementation process and help you set up and configure your backup services

Reach out to us below to learn more about how we can help you protect your valuable data.

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Backup and Recovery
Backup and Recovery
Backup and Recovery
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