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Own Secure

Secure offers the only User Interface for Salesforce Shield that simplifies the implementation and maintenance process to save customers time and money, and ensure it’s implemented correctly.

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Easily find, track, encrypt and monitor your sensitive data
Prevent negative downstream impacts of deploying Shield
Prove internal and external compliance
Keep up to date with every Salesforce release and as your org changes

Common Shield Challenges

Not knowing where to start and what information to track, encrypt, or monitor.

Tight deadlines and requirements due to regulations and policies (i.e. PCI-DSS, FINRA, HIPAA, HITRUST).

Encryption causing negative downstream business disruptions that require remediation.

Time and resources required to deploy & maintain Shield, pulling resources from Salesforce projects.

Generating accurate real-time compliance reports in complex organizations.

How Secure Helps

Platform Encryption

  • Easily determine your “wish-list” of fields to encrypt with Data Classification.

  • See what fields are supported by encryption and the type of encryption supported (Probabilistic and/or Deterministic).

  • Prevent downstream business impacts and unintended consequences (e.g. broken report filters, failed apex classes).

  • Ensure your encryption configurations stay up to date as your org evolves and with every Salesforce release.

Field Audit Trail

  • Avoid working with the metadata API – Own provides a simple point-and-click User Interface.

  • Configure field history tracking for all of your objects and fields in a single view.

  • Quickly identify high risk fields that are not being properly tracked with automated data classification.

Event Monitoring

  • Inform priorities and focus on what is most important to monitor by leveraging Data Classification, Fill Rates Analysis (Field Usage), permissions, and field accessibility tools (Security Insights, Who SeeS What).

  • In the event of a breach or incident, quickly filter down to suspected anomalous activity & compromised sensitive information.

  • Identify if the org is configured to store event information to support forensics efforts using Security Insights.

  • Avoid false alarms, remove unnecessary noise, and build more precise Transaction Security Policies that block and/or notify of anomalous behavior.

Intuitive, Simple to use, Powerful.

I think the title says it all. Never had to look at the documentation as it is that easy to use. However, don't let the simplicity fool you. It is a very powerful tool.

Joey Rubino
5-Star AppExchange Review

Don't do encryption without it! I've done encryption the hard way with giant confusing spreadsheets and tons of troubleshooting – and then with Own Secure. The amount of time savings alone makes this product worth adding – but the data classification, the change history, sorting, filtering and search features, also makes this a win-win for Salesforce admins and for compliance / oversight teams.

Nate Moncrief
5-Star AppExchange Review

Cut months off your implementation time. Prior to using Own, my team had been unable to gain traction on Shield Platform Encryption for over a year. If you have any significant amount of apex custom code with SOQLs and want to encrypt your data, this package will cut months off your implementation time.

Roopesh Sheth
5-Star AppExchange Review


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Implement & Manage Shield Faster

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