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Time to Value for State & Local: Maximizing the ROI and Impact of Salesforce Through DevOps & Data Protection

Join to learn how you can accelerate time to value and maximize your ROI — and protect sensitive SaaS data with a comprehensive backup and recovery solution.

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Andrew Davis

Sr. Director of Research and Innovation


Bethan Flynn

Director, Public Sector

Coastal Cloud

Matthew Kennedy

Sr Director, Partner Enablement


Curious how other states use Salesforce?

Copado’s continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform allows teams to quickly verify, test, deploy and release code changes across all Salesforce clouds and environments.

OwnBackup’s SaaS data protection platform proactively prevents Salesforce admins from losing access to mission-critical data. It offers three core products: to manage backup and recovery, sandbox seeding, and the archiving of Salesforce data.

Key highlights:

Challenges of government Salesforce adoption: State and local

Streamlining your development life cycle

Protecting your sensitive data

Customer use case: Copado and OwnBackup

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