IDC on SaaS Data Backup Requirements and Best Practices

When it comes to protecting customer account records in Salesforce or configuration items in ServiceNow, the SaaS provider isn't responsible if that data is accidentally or maliciously deleted, overwritten, corrupted, accessed by unauthorized parties, encrypted by ransomware, or otherwise damaged or lost. That data is the customer's responsibility.

It’s their platform. It’s your data. Own it.

In this IDC Analyst Connection, Own Company posed five questions regarding SaaS data backup requirements to Johnny Yu, Research Manager, Storage and Computing Infrastructure Software, at IDC.

Hear his thoughts and advice on:

  • Considerations for SaaS backup and how it differs from traditional backup

  • The importance of independent backup

  • The importance of being able to restore data quickly and precisely

  • The importance of a compliant backup approach with the ability to easily meet requirements such as GDPR

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