IDC Research on the Business Value of SaaS Data Protection

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According to IDC, 64% of large organizations spend more than 10% of IT budgets on data protection, compared with just 17% of organizations in 2019. The impact of proactive SaaS data protection goes well beyond resilience to positively impact the speed of business, innovation experience, exemplary compliance, granularity, and cloud strategy integrity.

Top reasons why enterprises choose a SaaS backup and recovery solution

Needed to scaleup data recovery operations

Data backup was challenging and very manual

Looking for a backup solution that fits the digital transformation journey

Looking for a reliable disaster recovery solution

About the Business Value research

Own is a leading SaaS data protection provider supporting Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and ServiceNow. IDC interviewed 12 organizations to understand their data protection challenges and the impact of Own’s solutions on their Salesforce-related data backup, archiving, sandbox seeding, and recovery operations. These organizations reported multiple business and IT benefits, centered around greater confidence in having their business-critical data on Own’s solutions.

Numbers to know

IDC’s research concluded that Own delivered:

three-year ROI
more productive application developers
3 months
to payback
reduction in time loss due to data loss
reduction in average data recovery time
faster backups
more efficient data protection and data recovery teams
more backups performed

Ensuring data continuity with minimal effort

Improving security and compliance

Developers have an improved setup

Faster time to market

Protecting deployments with automated and visible backups

Business value and quantified benefits

While this study focuses on the quantifiable benefits such as efficiency gains and cost savings, organizations highlighted some non-quantifiable benefits such as peace of mind knowing that backups are in place and that any data can be recovered easily while staying compliant.

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IDC’s Methodology

Based on interviews with organizations using Own, IDC performed a three-step process to calculate the ROI and payback period:


Gathered quantitative benefit information during the interviews using a before-and-after assessment of the impact of using Own.


Created a complete investment (three-year total cost analysis) profile based on the interviews. Investments go beyond the initial and annual costs of using Own and can include additional costs related to migrations, planning, consulting, and staff or user training.


Conducted a depreciated cash flow analysis of the benefits and investments for the organizations’ use of Own over a three-year period. ROI is the ratio of the net present value (NPV) and the discounted investment. The payback period is the point at which cumulative benefits equal the initial investment.

Forward-thinking organizations are increasing their IT spend to protect data. Isn’t it time you do too?

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Key benefits for Own’s products

Peace of mind and quick recovery time

Easier to investigate issues

Ease of management

Frees up staff to work on other priorities

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