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Employing over 8,500 people, with operations in 26 countries, and delivering services in over 50 countries, Dublin-based Inizio is a global leader in healthcare advisory, communications, commercial, clinical and packaging services. Ashfield, one of the two divisions that comprise Inizio, drives Inizio's highest profit contribution. In recent years, Ashfield has accelerated its growth in improving lives through their supportive communications with healthcare professionals. Central to this growth is Ashfield’s focus on supporting both healthcare professionals and patients alike, providing multi-channel communication strategies, sales and marketing solutions, patient engagement, and clinical educator services.

Dublin, Ireland
Backup and Recovery

Salesforce helps Ashfield track patient interactions

Ashfield directly interacts with patients to provide supplementation education provided by their HCP, focused on helping them understand the nature of their medical treatment, as well as instructing them on the proper execution of their prescribed treatment plans. These patient touchpoints are recorded in detail by the clinical educators and stored within their Salesforce® Health Cloud database. Due to the critical nature of their customer data and essential company information, Inizio realized that a data protection system that would safely backup patient information, interactions, and medical history was crucial to their continued accelerated growth.

Inizio required a robust Salesforce data backup solution with compliance support

When Inizio replaced their on-premise CRM system with Salesforce Health Cloud, they sought a compatible data backup and recovery service that could function seamlessly with Salesforce, while also safeguarding the integrity of their patient information from user-inflicted data loss.

Inizio needed a solution that could help them quickly identify, scope and recover from data loss or corruption in Salesforce. In addition, it was very important to Inizio that their Salesforce data backup and recovery solution also help them comply with stringent GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

To protect customer information, healthcare organizations are required to have a complete backup and recovery solution. While SaaS providers do protect data from major outages, they do not guard against accidental data loss or corruption. Based on these requirements, Inizio needed a comprehensive data protection strategy to help with HIPAA compliance, and keeping the data in the US.

From a GDPR standpoint, Inizio required a backup solution that could help keep EU data stored in the EU unless it can be protected equally in other regions. Data storage location is particularly important for many local country regulations, such as Germany, which possesses strict legislation concerning where medical information of German citizens may be stored. They also needed the ability to set custom backup retention to help comply with GDPR and meet corporate risk tolerance for retaining EU subject data. GDPR also made it necessary for Inizio to be able to respond to Data Subject Access Requests within their backups, including Right to Erasure, Right to Rectification, and Right to Data Portability.

Inizio invests in a data protection solution with Own

Inizio was impressed with the fact that Own’s data protection platform was comprehensive in terms of backing up their Salesforce data, providing a robust and granular set of restore tools, whilst keeping all sensitive data fully encrypted and secure. Own, in collaboration with Salesforce and Inizio, helped to update and align their Restore capabilities with the updated Salesforce Health Cloud. Own worked quickly to ensure the new capability was released in time to meet the deadline for Inizio’s Salesforce go live date.

Own now ensures Inizio has an automatic, daily backup of all its production and sandbox data and metadata, bringing them peace of mind that critical personal patient information and patient interactions are protected against user-inflicted data loss and corruption. With the ability to selectively restore lost information, Inizio can minimize business impact by reducing the time the data is unavailable and the amount of data that is forever lost or corrupted by minimizing Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). This gives them a reliable turnaround plan for a quick restore in case of an accidental data loss or corruption.

Hosted across both Own’s HIPAA and EU cloud data centers, Inizio data is stored in compliance with industry regulations. Own’s customizable retention policies and GDPR tools for managing Data Subject Access Requests has supported Inizio’s need to maintain GDPR compliance.

Partnering with Own, Inizio has a data protection solution that works seamlessly with Salesforce, brings greater visibility into the state of their stored patient information, and helps them comply with both HIPAA and GDPR regulations.

"Own, in collaboration with Salesforce and Inizio, helped to update and align their Restore capabilities with the updated Salesforce Health Cloud."

Inizio upgraded their on-premise CRM solution with Salesforce Health Cloud and recognized that it was their responsibility to protect their data from user-inflicted loss and corruption. Once Own was implemented, Inizio set up automated daily backups of their Health Cloud data and started to leverage Own Smart Alerts and Own Compare to keep a closer eye on changes in patient data.

Own allows Inizio to investigate and pinpoint data changes by using Smart Alerts enabling proactive monitoring of any modifications to the data. Moreover, the Own easy-to-use Compare tool assists Inizio in their efforts to identify and resolve user-inflicted data loss or corruption scenarios. This allows Inizio to mitigate risk and quickly recover from situations involving lost or corrupted data.

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Own’s unique set of tools, especially the Compare and Restore tools, provided us with functionality not natively available in Salesforce. This allowed us to move forward with our projects knowing that our customers’ data was secure. Inizio can now compare changes between backups, monitor and be alerted to major modifications with Smart Alerts, and have access to complete backup and restore capabilities. It was very important for us, as a healthcare company in Europe, to be in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations. Thanks to Own’s cloud-based backup and recovery solution, we gained a sense of confidence from the knowledge that our customers will always be protected from user-inflicted data loss or corruption.
Niall Clarke
Group Enterprise Architect at UDG Healthcare
Backup and Recovery