Why backup SaaS applications — a Microsoft Dynamics use case

Join the conversation with experts from Own and our partner Armanino, to find out how you can solve the SaaS backup problem. Moderated by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG).

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When data loss and corruption happens, you CAN recover…if you have a backup!

This is where a disconnect exists which leads to data loss and corruption in SaaS applications – and creates headaches for IT professionals. There’s no one doing SaaS cloud application backups for you, the responsibility is yours!

In this discussion, we explore how you can easily prepare for and solve that potentially disastrous SaaS backup problem.

The discussion is for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 use case and shares insights to:

• Key trends from the most recent research

• How to decipher shared responsibility models

• How to effectively protect your Dynamics 365 environment

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