What Our Risk Assessments Revealed About Salesforce Data Security

Salesforce data risk report reveals how many companies store sensitive data without proper visibility or oversight from Infosec and Compliance teams.

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Salesforce has evolved into a mission-critical platform where organizations store sensitive data.

But as our recent Salesforce Data Risk Report reveals, many companies are doing so without proper visibility or oversight from InfoSec and Compliance teams.

At Own, the Security Risk Assessments (SRAs) that inform our annual Salesforce Data Risk Report have helped some of the largest and most complex Salesforce customers identify risks and prevent breaches.

In this webinar:

Summarize our findings, including the common vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and challenges related to data security and governance in 2022.

Go into detail about each key finding, its business impact, and best practices to mitigate these persistent risks.

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