The CISO's Guide to Salesforce

What CISO's should know about cloud security posture management and Salesforce.

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Salesforce users in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, and pharma generally face two main challenges when it comes to keeping their data secure.First, the data they’re dealing with is often especially valuable — to their organizations and customers, sure, but also to bad actors who could enjoy lucrative paydaysif they managed to steal it. Keeping that data safe often means defending against some of the most sophisticated attacks possible and preventing security gaps that allow small oversights to blossom into big vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately, many chief information security officers haven’t yet prioritized applying their security frameworks, such as NIST, to their Salesforce environments. This unmanaged blind spot has certainly led to more breaches of customer data and other proprietary data than is publicly available (e.g. intellectual property, customer lists, competitive intelligence, etc.), and a cloud security posture management approach is required to reduce these misconfiguration risks.

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