Salesforce Data Security: Your Blueprint for Success in 2023

Own is joined by Salesforce and PwC to explore how to identify technology blindspots and reduce the impact of data breaches, the importance of ‘zero-trust’, what the blueprint for SaaS data security looks like - and more.

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What does successful Salesforce data security look like in 2023?

Cyber attacks are on the rise and getting more effective. With cost-cutting and increased redundancies, there is an even greater risk of data loss or malicious activity. Even without malicious intent, accidental deletions account for 20% of data loss in SaaS applications.

Without the right culture, technology, and strategy to mitigate these challenges, organizations can end up vulnerable to data loss and corruption.

Watch the on-demand webinar to hear Andrea Acciarri, Principal, Cyber, Risk & Reg – Salesforce at PwC, Doug Cox, Principal Security Engineer at Salesforce, Duncan Jefferies, Technology Journalist, and Graham Russell, Market Intelligence Director at Own explore:

  • What the blueprint for SaaS data security looks like in 2023
  • How to identify technology blindspots to reduce the impact of data breaches
  • The importance of ‘zero-trust’ in cloud security

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