Operational Resilience: Understanding the latest regulation and the impact on your Salesforce data

Discuss this new legislation, what it means for in scope firms, and the steps organizations need to take to comply.

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Businesses can no longer ignore the risk of technology outages or the threat of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

This is especially true of financial firms, which are 300 times more likely than other institutions to experience cyber attacks, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group.

Taken into effect on March 31 2022, the UK government’s new regulatory framework - Operational Resilience - outlines how UK organizations in the financial services industry must build resilience into their business to prevent, adapt and respond to, recover, and learn from operational disruption.

Join Own and financial services data experts as they discuss this new legislation.

About our speaker

Jonathan Holman

Digital Leader, Technologist and banking enthusiast

Jonathan led on Digital for Santander in SME, Commercial and Corporate Banking in the UK, over 5 years and is now Chief Operating Officer at Alvin.ai. He is a mechanical engineer by undergraduate degree and has a masters' degree in banking management and practice.

He has held C-Suite roles and other roles in coverage (relationship banking), credit risk, operations, strategy, transformation and leadership. He researched and wrote his masters' degree dissertation, using scale social data in credit risk modelling, using ML / AI, which was a global first. Jonathan, with his team at Santander, won 9 global industry awards for their work in banking technology.

Jonathan is a visiting scholar and Chief Examiner at the LIBF university college, amongst other academic institutions, teaching on Fintech and Regtech.

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