How To Make Your Next Salesforce Org Merge a Success

Join experts from Own and Simplus as they outline the top 10 things to consider when merging Salesforce orgs and share real tips to make your next org merge a success.

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When executed well, mergers and acquisitions can be a key growth lever that takes businesses to new heights.

However, the promise and potential of M&A can often wear off quickly when it’s time to integrate the systems and processes of both organizations. In fact, it's why between 70% and 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail.

Join experts from Own and Simplus as they discuss this topic from a Salesforce perspective, and share the top things to consider before merging multiple Salesforce orgs, such as business requirements, storage costs, integrations, compliance, and more.

Want to learn more before the event? Read our M&A blog post series here:

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