Ensuring SaaS Data Security & Resilience in Salesforce and ServiceNow

Part of the Cloud Security Alliance Cloudbytes webinar series

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Deondra Harriott
Secure Service Team Lead
Own Company
Eoghan Casey
VP Cybersecurity & Product Development
Own Company

Given its value, the data stored in SaaS platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow is increasingly vulnerable to unauthorized access and data loss.

This webinar explores problems impacting SaaS data, such as compromised credentials, deleted encryption keys, security model weaknesses (e.g., sharing, data access, permissions), integration or coding errors, insider threats, and more. It also discusses ways to mitigate the risks associated with SaaS-aware ransomware attacks, to proactively detect problems, and to maintain operational continuity. Hear real-world examples of security incidents and data loss in Salesforce and ServiceNow to illustrate specific risks and learn practical fixes to safeguard your SaaS data from these risks.

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