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3 Reasons To Back Up Your ServiceNow Data

Mike Melone
Content Marketing Manager, Own Company
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Whether you use ServiceNow to streamline IT service operations, increase employee engagement and productivity, or improve customer loyalty and retention, automating workflows to optimize efficiency, cost, and resilience is top of mind.

Since ServiceNow has become so integral to everyday operations, it’s important that the data residing within your ServiceNow instance remains secure and protected. Whether it’s related to IT incidents, employee requests, customer cases, configuration items in your CMDB, or any other critical process, protecting your workflow data is essential to avoiding business disruption and minimizing risk. However, did you know that the responsibility of protecting your ServiceNow data falls squarely on your shoulders? You’re not alone - most ServiceNow customers don’t.

Recently, Own hosted a webinar discussing the need to protect your ServiceNow data. Read on to understand the three key reasons you should prioritize efforts to back up your data and how Own can help.

3 reasons to backup servicenow

Reason #1: Your data is subject to audit or regulatory compliance

Audits and regulatory compliance are unavoidable for many companies. When it’s your data that’s subject to these regulations, it’s ultimately up to you to make sure that it remains compliant.

To support data compliance, Own will back up your ServiceNow instances in an immutable format outside of ServiceNow. In the event of an audit, your backed-up data is searchable by auditors to make the audit process faster and easier.

All backed-up data is available via a single dashboard, eliminating the need to log into individual instances. Backup history is also stored for as long as you need it, unlike the 14-day window ServiceNow provides.

Retention flexibility is important for remaining audit and compliance-ready—especially for businesses in regulated industries and those subject to SOX compliance.

Reason #2: Customizations and integrations are making your instances more complex

The need to protect your ServiceNow instances grows as your workflows become more complex. Chances are your business environment and functional needs are growing in complexity with each passing year.  Keeping up with the demands of the business can mean constantly innovating and rapidly changing (including upgrades) your ServiceNow instance, increasing the risk of data loss and corruption.

To mitigate this risk, Own offers customers the ability to schedule and run on-demand backups quickly and easily.

With control over the timing and scope of your backups, you can easily pinpoint exactly what's changed and whether you want that change. By focusing on specific tables, you reduce noise and shorten the time to run backups.

Reason #3: Data downtime impacts your business outcomes

With root causes identified at rapid speed, lost or corrupted data can be quickly restored so you can return to running your business. Less data downtime means you can focus on your business priorities and successfully deliver the outcomes you need.

With Own, you’re alerted as soon as unexpected or adverse data incidents happen. For example, Smart Alerts can notify you whenever an acceptable threshold of change is crossed for a business-critical table. You also get a visual representation over time of these changes, helping you to more easily identify statistical outliers, find and resolve problems, and improve data accuracy.

Own’s Precision Repair allows you to recover the exact data you need from any backup in your history without affecting valid data changes since the backup was taken.

With Own’s granular approach, you can restore data down to the individual table, column, and record levels. On the other hand, restoring data from a native ServiceNow backup means rolling back your entire instance and wiping out any updates since the backup was taken. The collateral damage of overwriting your instance can often be much worse than the data loss or corruption itself.  

Protect your ServiceNow data with Own

Protecting your ServiceNow data is your responsibility. That’s why you must be proactive with automated backups and granular recovery tools that facilitate business continuity. Whereas ServiceNow’s native capabilities don’t quite meet that benchmark, Own empowers you to make your data resilient and compliant.

To learn more about Own Recover for ServiceNow, check out our ebook, "The Complete Guide to Backup and Recovery for ServiceNow".

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Backup and Recovery

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