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Adecco Safeguards its Salesforce Data with Own Company

Christie Clements
Product Content Marketer Specialist, Own Company
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Built on a foundation of knowledge and expertise, the professional services industry is redefining its future through digital transformation. And it’s only ramping up. According to IDC’s Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide, global spend on digital transformation is set to reach $3.4 trillion by 2026.  

As professional services companies embrace and adapt to a data-driven future, it’s critical that they’re set up for data protection success–or risk getting left behind. In this article, find out how global staffing leader Adecco closed its data protection gaps and boosted data resiliency with Own. 

Adecco puts data protection to work   

 With over 50 years of staffing experience, Adecco is committed to empowering the future of work. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Adecco provides recruitment and staffing services, offering temporary staffing, permanent placement, outsourcing, career transition, and outplacement.  When it comes to its own workforce, Adecco depends on accessible, accurate data to get the job done. 

Adecco adopted Salesforce as its CRM platform and utilizes it on multiple teams across the organization. The Sales team captures all prospect data in Salesforce as they work to migrate prospects to customers. Along the journey, business development representatives engage with prospects using the data stored in Salesforce, while the Sales Support team and Implementation teams work in tandem to quickly deliver Adecco’s services once a deal has closed. 

For Adecco, Salesforce is more than just a fundamental asset for customer-based interactions–it’s also critical for internal operations. Adecco has a robust field associate group that uses Salesforce to manage and fulfill real-time requests. Whether they’re answering questions about payroll or benefits, associates rely on the platform to support teams to be as productive as possible. 

Adecco’s cross-functional Salesforce org is home to a growing volume of diverse data. Upon joining the company, Adecco’s Salesforce Admin Mike Mihnovich recognized that the staffing agency’s data protection efforts would be insufficient in the event of a data loss or corruption. Without a robust backup and recovery solution in place, an incident–big or small– could create serious, irreversible consequences for the business. 

Mike was determined to prioritize Adecco’s data privacy and protection. Having used Own at former workplaces, he didn’t hesitate to get in contact with the company he knew he could count on–for both data protection and fast, easy implementation. 

With Own Recover, Mike and team have peace of mind that their mission-critical data is protected. And, if an incident should arise, the recovery process can run as seamlessly as the automated protection. “We don’t go expecting to lose data, but it has happened, and it’s happened to us,” recalled Mike. Adecco experienced an incident regarding a merge rule, where records were merged without saving important fields. This critical information could have been lost or deleted permanently. With Own, the data was recovered within hours, versus days or weeks (if it all), saving Mike and his team time, money, and headache. 

Make data protection and business continuity a reality with Own

In the professional services industry, you want to be known for your knowledge and expertise–not the time you lost data and had to scramble to find it. With Own, you can drive your business forward–without worrying about data loss holding you back.  

Recover is built to ensure business continuity. Recover provides access to your data, independent of your ability to log in to your CRM platform. So if a service disruption does occur, it won’t impact your day-to-day operations.  

Full access to your data shouldn’t mean compromising on full coverage of your data. Recover conducts automated, daily backups of your data, metadata, and files, so you can have confidence that everything worth protecting is being accounted for. This is critical for supporting multiple teams across an organization, as different data types have unique relationships that need to be maintained. 

If a data incident should occur, knowing your recovery capabilities–and how fast they can get to work–is essential. Recover allows you to restore at both a full and granular level, which helps prevent an accidental overwrite of legitimate changes. It also accelerates data restoration by enabling you to filter and preview the data you’re restoring to ensure that only the desired records return to the system.

In partnering with Own, Adecco is committed to making protected data an essential component of business success. To learn more about Mike’s experience with Own, watch the interview now. 

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Customer Stories
Customer Stories
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